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Tampa SEO Expert Tips For Better Search Engine Rankings

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As Tampa SEO experts here at Online Presence Manager, we have spent years developing and tweaking our SEO approach. This has given us the opportunity to learn more about the SEO process and to not just adjust to SEO changes as they happen, but to understand why they happened to begin with. This allows us to better provide for you as our clients, but today, we’re stepping behind the curtain and giving you a peak at some of those SEO ranking tips that you can implement yourself!

Tampa SEO Expert Tips for Better Search Engine Rankings

Post Content Regularly to Your Site

No, we’re not talking about adding a new product to your webstore. Take the time to write unique articles that don’t just relate to your content, but that also intrigue your clients and potential clients. Make sure that this content is relevant, interesting, and UNIQUE!

Adding content in this way doesn’t just interest potential buyers, it also shows that you are an active website that regularly updates with content that is relevant to your niche.

Don’t have time to pump out new content? Don’t worry, we can take care of it for you! Learn more about our in-house article writing services.

Don’t Just Guess at Your Keywords and Phrases!

Targeting the right keywords when you write new content and when you optimize your website is crucial because it is the determining factor for where you get listed on search engine pages. Our Tampa SEO expert team have a whole range of professionally developed and finely tuned tools onboard designed to choose just the right keywords for your business website.

Why does it matter that you choose exactly the right keywords? Because each keyword or phrase that you attempt to target in search engines already has a wealth of other businesses targeting them as well. So, you need to do your research and look for keywords or phrases that have a high number of searches but a low number of individuals gunning for them. You want low cost, high traffic, low competition options. Our Tampa SEO experts can help you to find those terms or phrases if you just don’t have the experience, tools or time to do the job yourself!

Build Links

Link building also plays a significant role in the succes of your business website but it’s something that many business website owners neglect.

When search engines look at your website, they take note of which websites are linking to you, the quality of those websites and the relevence of the content on these sites. The more relevant websites that link to your website, the better. Why? Because it establishes your company’s position as an authority within your niche.

Look at it this way, you want to learn more about goldfish. When you search for information you find that ten websites link back to goldfish dot com. You also find two websites that link to a wikipedia page about goldfish. Which of these two websites are you going to see as more influential? Search engines work the same way.


If you haven’t been optimizing your website and your content for search engine spiders to read and index, then you’ve got some work to do. The easier that you make it for search engine spiders to read your content, the more effectively they will be able to rank your site according to relevant information.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure how to get started on optimizing your site and your content because here at OPM, we provide website design optimization, website copy optimization, regular article content that is optimized, and we ensure that you always stay on the map for relevant terms to your industry or niche.

Be Active on Social Media

Being ranked highly by search engines is about more than just your website, though, and this is easy to forget sometimes. Another particularly helpful tool that reflects in your SEO page ranking is your social media activity.

So many people today are active on social media that a lot of consumer questions and interaction with business takes place here. This makes social media an important tool for your business which is why it’s considered when it comes to your search engine placement.

What does it mean to be “active” on social media, though? It’s about more than just building followers. Being active on social media means linking to your social media profiles through your website to crete a “trail” back to your social media channels. It means having an active social media following. It means creating positive business relationships, and it means regularly sharing information through social media channels and including information of your current business

Use Your Keywords and Keyterms but Don’t Spam!

No one wants to read a website that makes no sense or that blatantly focuses on selling their product in such a way that the content gives an unprofessional appearance. When you write your website copy or your regular website updates and articles, you want to focus on your keyword as a topic and use that keyword sparingly within your text. Yes, you want to focus on it’s use, but you also want to keep a natural flow to your content that isn’t going to leave readers confused or frustrated.

Our Tampa SEO experts recommend using your keyword of phrase in different types of heading tags, in image tags, as well as in your content itself.

Looking for a Tampa SEO Expert?

If you’re looking for a Tampa SEO expert who can help you to bring your web presence into the spotlight and make your website more SEO friendly, Online Presence Manager can help. Just call us today for a free consultation to see how we can make your website stand out from the rest!

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