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Website Design, Development and Ongoing Management by a Professional Online Presence Manager

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Most small business owners have no idea that their website design plays any role in their business success aside from serving as online real estate. The truth is, though, that your website design plays a huge part in your online success from drawing in new clients, maintaining old clients, and representing how in touch you are with current trends.

How an Online Presence Manager Can Help With Your Website Design, Development, and Ongoing Management

For most small business owners, website design is about presenting potential clients with a visually appealing website. There is much more to it than that, though. Your business website should be appealing but informative, compatible with various types of technology, updated to protect against viral and malware attacks, tweaked to accommodate new programming versions, and regularly updated with new information.

All of these elements come together to create a website that works for you and your business, but they require time and knowledge, both of which an online presence manager has to offer.

When you hire an online presence manager to help your company or brand website succeed, there are various ways that they can do this.

1) Take What You’ve Got and Build on It

If you have a website design that you are rather fond of, your online presence manager can take that website and build onto it. They can do this by optimizing your website content, tweaking your website design slightly,  migrating your website to a new platform, or simply making it more comprehensive.

2) Starting Over

If you are not particularly attached to your website design or if your current design is simply too backward and sideways to fix, then your online presence manager can help you to begin again. This involves creating and building a new website concept for your business, optimizing that website once it’s built, and routinely maintaining and updating that site.

No matter which plan of action you take to your company or brand website, the key to your success lies in the building, optimizing and maintaining your online presence. A well-built website is a poor reflection of your business if it is not optimized to function on various devices. A well-built and updated website is a poor reflection of your business if it is never updated with current and relevant content…you can see where this is going. Your website and online success is a puzzle with many pieces and without any one of these pieces, your picture is going to be incomplete.

Fortunately, an online reputation manager has the tools to create, manage, and update your website for you saving you time while earning you new clients and keeping your existing clients happy.

Looking for help with your website design, optimization, and management? Give me a call at (727)-475-6460 and get your project started right away!

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