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Reputation Management: How an Online Presence Manager Can Help Your Brand

By October 3, 2017May 15th, 2021No Comments

Reputation management is an integral part of a successful online presence. In order to be successful, however, online reputation management has to be done correctly, which is where an online presence manager comes in handy!

Why You Need Reputation Management by an Online Presence Manager

Imagine for a moment that you run an ice cream shop.

I walk into your shop and I buy a vanilla cone.

I finish that ice cream cone as I walk back home, but when I get home, I decide that I didn’t really like it.

Like most people, these days, I hop online to leave my review of your vanilla ice cream and tell people what I really thought…

Feeling quite pleased with my short, but cynical review, I decide to copy and paste it to a few other review sites as well.

Now you, as the owner of a small business, probably don’t have time to monitor online mentions of your company. This means that one unhappy customer has now been able to deter customers from your business in multiple places and you haven’t been given a chance to rectify the situation. Hey, it’s not like you took their name and number when they ordered, right?

Now, say that you do monitor online mentions of your business, do you know which sites to monitor? There are thousands of online review sites and industry-specific sites that could be a target for unhappy customers. And what do you do when one of the sites in question doesn’t allow feedback to be withdrawn, edited, or deleted?

In both of these situations, an online presence manager could benefit you and your company.

How Can an Online Presence Manager Help You?

An online presence manager is familiar with all of the tools available for monitoring online reputation. Not only this, but they also have the tools to appropriately respond to and request the removal of inappropriate comments and feedback on your business.

An online reputation manager is able to respond diplomatically when the situation calls for it and intervene when needed. They are trained to get the best outcome of any situation for you and your business so that no matter what, your business reputation remains intact.

Think you have the tools it takes to monitor your own online presence?  Even with the right tools on hand, consider the time it takes to monitor and manage feedback. Essentially, managing your online reputation is a fulltime job and you already have one of those…

Think You Need an Online Presence Manager?

If you could use an online presence manager to help to get your business reputation on track, drop me a line at  (727)-475-6460 and we’ll get you on the right track in no time.

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