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8 Reasons to Hire an Online Presence Management Services

By September 19, 2017May 15th, 2021No Comments

An online presence management services may sound like “just another expense”, but the truth of the matter is that you can’t afford NOT to hire one to manage your online presence. Wondering how an online presence management service can benefit you and why you don’t want to shy away from hiring one? Then you’re in the right place because that’s just what I’m talking about today!

8 Reasons An Online Presence Management Service Can Benefit You

You ALWAYS Have an Online Presence1. You ALWAYS Have an Online Presence

Even if your company or brand isn’t active online (which you should be), you have an online presence.

Your brand, your products, or your company is being mentioned somewhere online and unless you want to give other people free reign over what is said about you, you need to be present and take charge of your online presence yourself.

Managing Your Online Presence is a Time-Consuming Job2. Managing Your Online Presence is a Time-Consuming Job

Managing your presence online is a time-consuming job. You need to keep your finger on the industry pulse, monitor customer feedback/reviews/concerns, attract new customers, and ensure that your customers know that you are listening. This type of monitoring, responsiveness, and promotion is extremely time-consuming and as a business owner, you simply can’t manage both positions.

3. What’s Your Degree in Again….?

Hopefully, your talent lies in your field of employment. For example, if you’re great at selling cars, hopefully, you’re a car salesman or woman. Well, just as you excel in your field, an online presence management company excels in theirs. They have the education, experience, and tools that they need to successfully do their job. Now, ask your online presence manager to sell cars and you’re going to have a problem. This is exactly what happens when you try to undertake online presence management yourself, you just don’t have the knowledge or tools to succeed.

4. Douse the Fire Before it Becomes an Inferno

Once in a while, every company or brand is going to run into an unhappy customer, a ruthless competitor, or someone with an axe to grind. These situations can range from a simple complaint about the way they were treated in your store to completely slandering your company. When these “small” fires break out online, it’s crucial to catch them and put them out before they become a raging inferno. An online presence management company specializes in de-escalating these types of situations and bringing them to an amicable solution. Why does this matter? Because you don’t want the first thing people see about your brand online to be one customer’s disgruntled comments on 50 message boards and review sites.

5. Give Your Company or Brand a Personal Touch

Most consumers see companies and brands as “big wigs” who don’t care what they think and don’t have time for the “little guys”. When a company can prove that they have that personal touch through an online presence management service with personalized feedback, fast answers to questions, and simply giving thanks, they create a relationship with their consumers. Consumers with a relationship with your brand and much more likely to be repeat customers.

6. You’re Showing Not Just Telling

Sure, you’re a great company with a great product and you can tell consumers that until you’re blue in the face…but at the end of the day it’s still YOU telling someone that YOU are great. Rather than TELLING people how great you are, show them with responsive service online, management of your reputation online, and truly caring about your customer base by interacting with them regularly. These are all things that an online presence management service can do for you.

7. Confirm Your Authority

When your online presence manager maintains regular and informative content publication and stays on top of questions from consumers online, you confirm your company’s authority.  You offer consumers the information they seek and you also let them know that you know your product and your industry which builds trust.

Stop Poachers in Their Tracks8. Stop Poachers in Their Tracks

The online world can be ruthless. If you don’t take advantage of your online presence, your competitors will. When your competitors have the opportunity to poach your local traffic because you aren’t present, they can get away with all kinds of dirty tricks including using YOUR brand to get THEM traffic! An online presence management company will prevent this with constant monitoring of your traffic, your brand, and your competitors!

Need an Online Presence Management Service to Help Your Company?

If you are looking for an online presence management service to help to provide these services for your company, drop me a line. I currently have a few blocks available on my client roster and would love to show you my words in action!

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