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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing increases the audience of your company or brand by increasing traffic through paid and unpaid listings.

One of the most popular methods of SEM for small businesses everywhere is Google AdWords. Sadly, many small business owners fritter away their profits by purchasing AdWords blindly. When I tackle SEM for my online presence management clients I utilize various professional tools to balance profitability with competition. That means that you see an increase in your traffic without having to pay out of the nose for it.

Increasing your visibility online and pushing your opposition out of the picture is easy when you have the right tools on board!

What Does a Search Engine Marketing Manager Do for You?

A search engine marketing manager takes on a variety of duties that center around promoting your business via search engine marketing. Some of these duties include:

  • AdWords keyword research to determine which search engine terms will be most profitable for your business.
  • Research on your competitor’s websites to identify the best strategy for your marketing campaign.
  • Management of your AdWords campaigns to monitor their profitability and make adjustments when needed while staying within your budget.
  • Develop and manage dynamic content for your website to target keywords for organic search engine ranking.
  • Ongoing research and development of organic keyword research to plan and schedule website content.
  • Study existing patterns of traffic to your website to improve product development, product sales, and expand the reach of current marketing campaigns to widen your audience.
  • A SEMM will also monitor search engine trends and make necessary adjustments to your SEO campaign to maintain ongoing progress and popularity of your site.
  • Study existing traffic patterns to your website from various analytical software to target advertisements and increase sales.
  • Utilization of press release and social avenues to advertise business and product news via wide-reaching

There are certainly many tasks to take on when it comes to successful search engine marketing management, but the professional SEMM has mastered them all.

What Search Engine Marketing Does for You
Why You Should Invest in a Search Engine Marketing Manager

Why You Should Invest in a Search Engine Marketing Manager

As you can see, there are many hats for the search engine marketing manager to wear which is the number one reason why you should consider adding a professional SEMM to your team. As a small business owner, your time is limited already, and your resources are likely pushed to a maximum. This leaves little time for you to manage any aspect of your search engine marketing campaigns let alone all of them!

When you hire a professional to take on your search engine marketing for you, you not only save yourself from having to wring more time out of your already strained schedule, but you also ensure that your marketing is being done with a professional hand.

Experienced marketing professionals have years of experience under their belt. This experience combined with their access to professional tools allows for fine tuning of your search engine presence.

What Can a Search Engine Marketing Manager Do for Your Business?

But what exactly does “fine-tuning of your search engine presence” mean?

In layman’s terms, what is a search engine marketing manager going to do for you and your business?

  • A SEMM will maximize your advertising budget by targeting low cost, high traffic advertising avenues. This means lower expenses and more potential customers.
  • Monitoring your search engine ranking and projected ranking allows your SEMM to maintain an upward trajectory in your website’s popularity.
  • A Search engine marketing management professional uses their years of statistical analysis of search engine and web trends to project the best course for your future advertising campaigns.
  • Hiring a SEMM will help you to avoid investing in overused and highly priced advertising avenues that will yield little to no benefit to a small business with limited resources.
  • With focused campaigns, a search engine marketing manager will increase your number of search engine rankings and improve your current search engine positions.
  • Regular updates of relevant content on your website allow a SEMM to maintain continuous monitoring and updating of your search engine results.
  • Through access to unique and professional tools, a SEMM gives your business a statistical advantage over the competition who are aiming blindly at trending topics.

In short, when done correctly, the job of a search engine marketing manager is to boost your search engine presence to increase traffic and potential clients while minimizing your expense.

What Can a Search Engine Marketing Manager Do for Your Business?
Hiring a Search Engine Marketing Manager Versus DIY

Hiring a Search Engine Marketing Manager Versus DIY

But can’t you do the same things for your own business? Why do you need to invest in a professional search engine marketing manager?

I’ve talked before about the benefit of making an upfront investment to put your business on the path to success versus avoiding that initial investment and having to correct your course as you go.

A professional SEMM has the experience that you are missing and the access to professional tools needed to market your business the right way the first time around. With these things, they can immediately begin increasing your online presence while maintaining a course for success based on blueprints developed through work with previous clients.

How does this compare to doing it yourself?

Your lack of experience and your limited access to professional tools to maximize your resources, mean that you are guaranteed to make mistakes.

Sure, mistakes are fine, they’re a part of the learning process, but when your online reputation is at stake, it’s hardly the time for learning. Mistakes are timely and costly when it comes to how others see your business, they hold the potential to destroy your business and that’s something that no small business owner can chance. So, rather than risking doing things the wrong way and having to patch up those mistakes as you go, why not immediately increase your profitability by doing things the right way the first time around?

Hire Your Own Search Engine Marketing Manager Today!

If you like the sound of having someone with years of experience manage your search engine marketing campaigns for you, give me a call! You can reach me at 727-475-6460 and during your free phone consultation, I’ll outline for you how my services can increase your business profitability!