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8 Ways a Professional Online Reputation Manager for Hotels Can Increase Revenue

By September 12, 2018September 8th, 2022No Comments

A professional online reputation manager for hotels can increase the revenue your business brings in. Not many hotel owners are aware of just how helpful a professional online reputation manager can be, but after reading today’s article you won’t be one of them.

8 Ways a Professional Online Reputation Manager for Hotels Can Increase Your Revenue

1. A hotel with an active online presence represents an involved business

By hiring a professional online reputation manager for hotels, you ensure that there is someone available to manage, respond to, and build your hotel’s online presence. This doesn’t just make sure that you have someone monitoring mentions of your hotel online, it also lets your customers and future customers know that you are involved with your business, you care about their opinion, and that you are listening. When it comes to any business it’s important for customers to feel heard, but when it comes to hotels if your customers don’t feel heard it could be the end of your business altogether.

2. A hotel that actively engages with customers is a “friendly” business

An online reputation manager for hotels will maintain engagement with customers and potential customers through your social media channels. Having this type of back and forth is another way to let your customers feel heard, but it also helps to build relationships and create customer advocates. From fielding questions about your hotel to thanking customers for their recommendations and reviews, a professional online reputation manager for hotels can save you time and maintain a positive reputation for your business on various social media networks.

3. A hotel that is active online develops a trusted reputation

When you hire a professional online reputation manager to maintain an active presence for your hotel on various forums, social media channels, and websites, you create a trusted reputation. How? Because when guests see that you are regularly active online and responsive to customers, they take confidence in the fact that you will be present should they have a question or concern as well.

4. Addressing customer concerns and problem situations brings resolution

Once in a while customers are going to be dissatisfied with an aspect of their experience at your hotel and they may share that online in a review or feedback form. When you hire a professional online reputation manager, they will respond to online reviews and feedback in a professional way that defuses a situation before it gets out of hand. Why is this important? Because having people complain about a business or service isn’t uncommon but what turns guests away is when those complaints go unnoticed and unresponded to. By responding to guest complaints in a professional and courteous manner, your ORM lets guests know that you are listening and care about their experience at your hotel.

5. A professional online reputation manager gets you in-depth customer insight

By interacting with, building relationships with, and being present online, your hotel reputation manager can garner in-depth customer insight that you may otherwise not have access to. How does this help your bottom line? Because it allows you to take note of what customers like about your hotel, what they want from your hotel, and what isn’t working at your hotel. Using this information you can tweak your business model to be more successful by catering to what customers are looking for.

6. A professional online reputation manager for hotels keeps your hotel name on everyone’s lips

It’s easy to slip off the radar in the hotel industry. There are so many other hotels competing for your business and so many online websites for searching hotels, you don’t want to get lost in the shuffle. Hiring a hotel reputation manager online means that your business name will remain active on a regular basis. You will have regular posts to social media channels, regular website updates, regular e-mail newsletters, and regular engagement with customers, all of which will make sure that your hotel name never gets forgotten!

7. A professional online reputation manager for hotels will make your website an authority

When ranking your business in search engine results, search engines use various factors and one of those factors is the quality of your content and how often that content is updated. An ORM will create new content for your business on a regular basis and share that content through various avenues. In turn, this will reflect in your search engine rankings. As your hotel climbs search engine rankings, potential customers will then be exposed to your business website link more regularly and that will cause them to have more faith and trust in your business as an often recommended business in various search engines.

8. A professional online reputation manager will get you more exposure to wanted ads and job listings

As your business grows or as things change you may need to increase your staff. You can post help wanted ads in all of the usual places, but when you have a productive and professional ORM they will be able to increase exposure to your wanted ads and job listings by sharing them with customers and potential customers. Even better, this won’t seem like spam content because your ORM will already have built a relationship with your online audience so they will be less likely to see these postings as spam and more likely to see them as information drops. Plus, if your followers are loyal to your hotel they won’t hesitate to share that ad on their social networks as well which will increase your ad exposure exponentially!

In Need of a Professional Online Reputation Manager for Your Hotel?

If you’re looking for a professional online reputation manager for hotels who can help you to establish, manage, or transform your hotel’s online reputation, I can help. To find out what I can do to push your hotel’s online reputation above that of the competition, just give me a call today at 727-475-6460 for your free assessment.

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