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Why a Social Media Strategist for SMB is a Necessity

By December 19, 2018No Comments

What is a social media strategist for SMB? Why is one a necessity? And what exactly can an SMS for SMB do for you? These are all questions that we’re setting out to answer today here at Online Presence Manager!

What is a Social Media Strategist for SMB?

It is the job of a social media strategist for SMB to know how to manage and manipulate online communities. This is done to increase brand awareness of your small-medium business, increase your customer base, collect consumer research data, portray a sociable yet professional SMB personality, and to connect directly with consumers for optimal marketing opportunities.

It is important to note that there is a difference between a social media strategist for SMB and someone who simply enjoys or understands how to use social media channels. While someone who enjoys using social media channels can certainly be beneficial in spreading the word about your company, they lack the formal education and specific tools and experience needed to really put social media platforms to work for your company.

Why Does Your Business Need a Social Media Strategist for SMB?

Every business needs a social media strategist, but as a smaller business, it’s important that you invest in a social media strategist for SMB. Why? Simply because there are so many differences in the audience of small-medium businesses versus huge corporations.

Think of it this way – you are interested in buying a house on a budget and you want a realtor. You have the option to choose a realtor who specializes in million dollar homes or you can choose the realtor who specializes in smaller local homes. Which of these two realtors is going to be familiar with what YOU need? It’s unlikely that the first of the two realtors is going to have any idea about smaller home communities in your area, they won’t be as familiar with smaller builders, and they won’t have much knowledge on the smaller neighborhoods and the demographics and amenities offered by those neighborhoods. The same principle applies when you shop around for your social media strategist for SMB. You need a professional who is familiar with YOUR territory, who knows how to target YOUR audience, and who knows the importance of taking an SMB approach to clients and potential clients of a small-medium business.

What Can a Social Media Strategist Do For Your SMB?

So, what exactly can a social media strategist for SMB do to help your small-medium business?

A social media strategist can play multiple roles in gaining social media exposure for your business and gaining recognition of your brand. Some of the ways that we do this here at Online Presence Manager include:

  • Researching your target audience to ensure that you are advertising to the correct demographic. This can help you to create more targeted and more successful marketing campaigns and increase your customer base.
  • A social media strategist for SMB can also establish your company’s online presence on each of the pertinent social media platforms to ensure that you have an active presence on those platforms.
  • Your SMS will also be able to ensure that your social media profiles remain actively engaged with customers and clients on a regular basis. This will keep your company name at the front of their minds so that when they are looking for services like yours, your brand will spring to mind!
  • Your social media strategist can also use your social media platform to reach out and personally thank consumers or answer specific questions about products so that clients never feel ignored or isolated by a cold corporate front.
  • Social media strategists for SMB are also able to grow your social media platform audience. While some services do this unscrupulously by adding random followers, here at Online Presence Manager, we grow your social media account followers responsibly by researching each follower that we ad to ensure that they are relevant to your niche.
  • Your strategist will also be able to address and diffuse any potentially explosive situations or negative feedback left online in regards to your business. While many companies try to ignore this type of feedback and hope that it goes away, the best solution is to always tackle this type of feedback head on and in a professional and courteous manner. We can do that for you.
  • New product announcements are another benefit of hiring a social media strategist for SMB. With an active and growing social media platform, making new product announcements on your social media platforms is only going to increase the response to your announcement.
  • Consumer research is another incredible benefit of hiring a social media strategist for small-medium businesses. Where other companies pay to form study groups and get feedback on products and services so that they can increase customer satisfaction with their product, a company with a very active social media presence is able to gather this type of research for a fraction of the cost by simply engaging with social media followers!

Why Not Be Your Own Social Media Strategist for SMB?

We mentioned above the importance of training, access to specialized tools, and experience for a social media strategist to be successful, but one of the biggest reasons that you should leave the job to the professionals is simply time! Social media strategy and management is a fulltime job and as a small-medium business manager or owner, it’s simply not possible to devote the time needed to grow your social media presence while also running your business!

Are You Ready to Bring a Social Media Strategist for SMB On Board?

If you’re ready to bring a social media strategist for SMB on board with your company, Online Presence Manager can help! We offer a full suite of SMB online presence management and SMB online reputation management services that you can take advantage of! To find out more about how we can help you to solidify your business’s online presence just pick up the phone and give us a toll-free call for your free consultation at 727-475-6460 today!

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