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OPM for SMBS: 7 Big Benefits That Give You the Edge Over Competitors

By September 17, 2018No Comments

Hiring an OPM for SMB’s (Online Presence Manager for Small Medium Businesses) is a great way to take advantage of a number of benefits that will give your business the edge over the competition. If you’ve never heard of an OPM for SMB before, it’s pretty much someone whose job it is to manage the presence of your small medium business online.  They manage your presence in a number of ways using various techniques, and today I want to talk about how an OPM can help your small business creep ahead of the competition!

7 Big Benefits of an OPM for SMBs

1. An Online Presence Manager Can Help Customers to Find You

As a small medium business, it is quite easy to get overshadowed by the larger corporations out there and to have to regularly fight for clients against your SMB competitors. An online presence manager for small medium businesses can help you to take the advantage by helping more customers to find you by increasing your online presence through search engines, directories, social media, and even on your very own website!

2. Increase Your Audience

With a trusted OPM for SMBs on your team, you can build your online presence through regular social media postings as well as careful curation of your social media accounts. As your OPM posts regularly to your social media accounts and encourage interaction with your followers, your business is receiving increased exposure by increasing the audience that views your product or service as this public discussion takes place. You will even find that followers share your interaction with them with their own followers!

3. Strengthen Your Brand

As a small medium business, you can often feel overwhelmed by the struggle of connecting with customers when there is so much competition to beat out. With a skilled online presence manager on your side, you can strengthen your brand to make it more recognizable than that of your competitors. How? By simply sharing content regularly through various online outlets, your brand name becomes instantly recognizable to your followers and the more they see your name, the more recognizable it will become. This means that when your potential customers are faced with having to choose between your company and that of your competitors, they are going to choose the name that they recognize – yours!

4. Creating a Business that Customers Can Trust

With so many companies in the ring offering the same or similar products and services, trust is an important factor in getting customers to choose your business over that of your competitors. An online presence manager for small medium businesses can help you to build that trust among clients by maintaining a regular online presence and regularly interacting with customers and potential customers. Which company do you think a customer would rather go with – the company who is regularly online and is responsive and engaged with customers often, or the company who seems to duck questions from potential customers and has little to no online representation?

5. Improve Your Authority

What does authority mean? It means that you’re a business that knows what you’re talking about. You’re a business who knows your niche and is relied upon by various sources. An OPM for SMBs can help to improve the authority of your company by optimizing your content for search engine spiders and by regularly sharing search engine optimized unique content online. These steps will help to improve the number of links on your site that are indexed by search engines and that means that your SMB is going to show up in a larger number of searches. With a more regular appearance in search engine results, your company becomes an authority on the subject you are sharing and customers are more likely to trust you.

6. A More Cost Efficient Approach to Marketing

Online marketing is one of the biggest tools at your disposal for spreading the word about your business and attracting new customers. The problem is, however, that it can often become a little overwhelming when you’re fighting so much competition for the same marketing opportunities. When you utilize an online presence manager for small medium businesses, you can create your own unique marketing opportunities. Developing content, for example, is a great way to market your product and by taking advantage of the research ability of an OPM you can target low cost, high traffic keywords in your industry to target when creating that content. This means that as the content is published, searchers will be sent to your site when searching for that content but you haven’t had to pay the price for premium advertising opportunities.

7. Improve Your Website Quality

You may not put much value in your company website thinking that it’s your product that will sell itself. The truth is, though, that when multiple businesses are offering the same products, it’s often the quality of your website that will wind up selling your product over that of your competitors. A skilled online presence manager can not only build you a new website that is easy for clients to navigate, but they can optimize that website for search engine linking and for viewing on various mobile devices to make it more appealing to consumers.

Looking For an OPM for SMBs to Help Your Business?

If you’re on the lookout for an OPM for SMBs who can help your small-medium business to get an advantage over your competitors, I can help. Just pick up the phone and give me a call today at 727-475-6460 for your free assessment to see how I can help you to succeed today!

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