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Social Media Strategist for Businesses Explains the Importance of Strategy

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A good social media strategist for businesses spends a huge chunk of their time planning and strategizing every detail of business social media, but why? Why is it so important to create a strategy for social media rather than just jumping in feet first and “going with the flow”?

Social Media Strategist for Businesses Explains the Importance of Strategy

Research has shown that consumers are more likely to give their business to a company that has an established social media presence. This emphasizes the importance of establishing a social media presence for your business and also provides a good reason for why you should funnel time, energy, and funding into curating a solid social media presence. The best way to do this is by utilizing the services of a social media strategist to draw up a plan for your social media creation, curation, and activity. With the assistance of a reputable and experienced social media strategist for businesses, your social media strategy should address the following points…

Social Media Strategy is an Opportunity to Really Work on Branding Your Business

Your social media platforms are a great opportunity to generate awareness of your brand and let your consumers and potential consumers know what your business is about. By creating more brand awareness you are planting a seed in the mind of every potential consumer who runs across your business’s social media platforms. If you have been successful at developing your brand through social media, this seed will come to fruition this potential consumer is in need of a product or service that you offer and recalls interacting with you or even just “passing by” your social media account in the past!

A Solid Social Media Strategy Will Generate Traffic, Leads, and Customers

Thriving as a business isn’t just about planting seeds for future consumers, it’s also about generating sales, leads, and traffic in the now. Social media is a great tool to make this happen because it allows you to connect with a huge global platform with just one click of the mouse. But how can you use your business social media platforms to generate these connections? By combining the talents of marketing specialists and taking feedback from existing consumers and using that information to generate promotions and campaigns that will grab attention. Whether it’s a social media run contest, a visually appealing campaign for a new product, or a video introduction, all of these things are perfect for reaching through the screen and grabbing the business of new consumers.

A Good Social Media Strategy Develops Brand Loyalty

With regular and personable social media interaction you aren’t only getting the word out about your brand, but you are also developing a following. You will find that the more regularly you post to your social media accounts and the more interactive you are when followers comment, the more loyal those followers are going to be to your brand. Consumers like a business with face and personality, not a corporation that hides behind marketing and advertising, so the more you get out there and interact, the more brand loyalty you are building.

A Strong Social Media Strategy Can Cut Down Your Costs

It used to be that businesses had to rely on word of mouth, TV commercials, or print ads to get the word out about their company and their products. This type of advertising can be very successful, but it can also be incredibly expensive and most small and small-medium businesses just don’t have the funding to run these types of campaigns. Fortunately, with the many online advertisement possibilities that social media presents these days, it’s possible to reach out to that global audience without having to spend funds that your company just can’t spare!

A Good Social Media Strategy Isn’t Just About Marketing and Branding

To your customers’ marketing and branding are your objective when you present your business on social media, but it’s a pleasant surprise when you also use social media as an avenue to connect with consumers. This connection isn’t always going to be positive, though, but you can still use social media accounts to address negative events. For example, if a customer had a bad experience at your restaurant and they “blast” your business via social media, you have the chance to provide good customer service and to make things right. This shows your customers as well as future potential customers that you care about their experience and that you are more than just a stone cold corporation who is out for their money. You won’t always be able to satisfy these customers who complain, but just the polite attempt to do so speaks volumes to those who are watching from the wings.

Social Media Strategy Results in Improved Search Engine Ranking and Listings

Social media platforms like YouTube are a giant search engine of their own and by including these platforms in your social media strategy you are increasing the number of listings your business claims in search engine results. You are also developing a much more authoritative position as you share information through social media platforms and that is a great way to improve your ranking.

Are You In Need of a Social Media Strategist for Businesses?

If you are in need of the services of a social media strategist for businesses to help you to get your business’s social media accounts on the right track, Online Presence Manager can help! Our Social Media Strategists have the experience that you seek when it comes to making your social media accounts stand out and generate revenue for your business!

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