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Organic SEO service has the potential to grow your website business and foot traffic to your brick and mortar business exponentially. Unfortunately, it’s a tool that many small businesses neglect simply because they are unfamiliar with how to “work” SEO. Fortunately, there are small business advocates out there like myself, who have dedicated their career to understanding search engine optimization so that you don’t have to!

Organic SEO Service: 6 Reasons Organic SEO Is Crucial to Your Business

First, let’s take a minute to talk about what organic SEO actually is…

When we talk about “organic” SEO, we are talking about search engine optimization that is done that gets your website noticed by search engines naturally. For example, writing content that is keyword optimized so that Google picks up that link and sees it as authoritative, unique, and informative content. Your site then gets listed in Google and your website gets more visitors.

The opposite of organic SEO is paid SEO. For example, buying AdWords with Google. You are paying to place in a search engine for a specific keyword, which is obviously why this is called paid SEO!

So, why is organic SEO so important to your small business?

1. As A Small Business, Your Budget is Limited

As a small business, you can only afford to channel so much money into advertising and promotion. This means that when it comes to keywords and buying terms to promote traffic to your website, you are very limited in what you can afford. This only gets worse if your business is in a popular niche like the restaurant industry. So, rather than paying for clicks from paid search engine placement – something that will yield very few clicks and use up your budget very quickly, invest that money in organic SEO optimization and organic SEO content. You will get far more value for your money and your budget will stretch much further!

2. Organic SEO Gets You Much More Virtual Real Estate

Above, we mentioned that your budget will go much further with organic SEO than it would with PPC or paid SEO marketing. Organic SEO also comes with another benefit, however, it has the capability of capturing more virtual real estate!

Organic search engine optimization gets your website organically ranked in search engines for specific terms. With just one article, you can optimize your site for multiple keywords or key terms. This increases your exposure. With paid SEO, however, you are only going to get ranked for the specific keyword that you purchase!

3. Your Business Credibility

If someone pays to have everyone say that they are the best restaurant in town and someone else just offers good service and consequently, everyone says that they are the best restaurant in town, who are you more apt to believe? Right, the person who offers good service. The same principle applies when it comes to search engine optimization.

When you pay for keywords, your search engine listing is noted as being a paid placement. This lets customers and potential customers know that you have paid to be advertised as “the best.” However, when you use organic SEO techniques and naturally rank for these search terms, you are more believable in terms of what you are telling customers.

4. More Productive Traffic

When you pay for placement in a search engine, you don’t get complete control over who views your ad and where that ad is viewed. Yes, you do have some control, but when you use organic SEO techniques, you have much more control over the whole process. Because of this, when someone finds your link in a search engine, they have to have been searching for the exact topic or subject that you are offering. This means that your website traffic is going to be much more filtered and since people were looking for your product or service when they found you, there is a much higher likelihood that you will make a sale.

5. Organic SEO is Sustainable

As we mentioned in number 1, the budget necessary for paid search engine placement is significant – particularly in industries with high competition! You are also very likely to find out that as your business grows and you attempt to continue PPC marketing or paid marketing, the ads that you purchase are getting increasingly expensive.

When you use organic SEO, nothing about your approach to promoting your business has to change. You can continue to focus on key terms and their synonyms and continue to grow your website traffic and online presence that way. Nothing about this technique is going to cost you more money unlike buying keywords and search engine placement.

6. You Get Detailed Customer Insight

When you use organic SEO, you get full access to detailed statistics – assuming that you are using a tool like Google Analytics. One each optimized page of your website, you can embed the Google Analytics code which will allow you to track every movement that your customers make while getting to and surfing your company website. This can provide you with incredibly valuable information. For example, you can learn who your main demographic is so that you can tailor products, and services to  your customers. You can also use analytics information to see what your customers have been searching for so that if it’s a product or service that you don’t offer, perhaps it’s an idea that you can develop in the future to increase revenue!

Organic SEO Service: 6 Reasons Organic SEO Is Crucial to Your Business

Is your small business in need of an organic SEO service? If so, why not give me a call for a free consultation to see how I can help you to raise your brand presence online and improve your search engine placement? Just give me a call today at 727-475-6460!

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