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8 Reasons Why Your Hotels Online Reputation Management is Important

By October 10, 2018September 7th, 2022No Comments

Have you ever wondered why your hotels online reputation management is important? If you haven’t then it’s probably time that you should because your online reputation can make or break your hotel!

8 Reasons Why Your Hotels Online Reputation Management is Important

1. You Need to Represent Your Hotel So Someone Else Doesn’t

Your hotels online reputation management should always be in your hands so that it’s not in someone else’s. It’s up to you to represent your business in a way that looks professional and honestly reflects your company. If you fail to manage your online reputation and leave the job to someone else, there is no telling what may be said about your hotel and how it can influence your hotel’s reputation.

2. It’s Better to Say Something Rather Than Say Nothing

When guests at your hotel leave feedback and reviews online after they’ve had a negative experience, you can ignore those comments or you can respond to them. Ignoring these comments leaves plenty to the imagination, so it’s always better for your hotels online reputation management to respond positively and quickly to get a situation under control before it gets out of control.

3. You Need Your Guests to Trust You

When you regularly monitor your online reputation and respond positively and reasonably even when feedback isn’t as positive as you would hope for it to be, you create a sense of trust. Guests and future guests at your hotel will know that they can expect you to respond to their concerns when they reach out to you. By responding to comments and reviews, you will also be able to ensure that your hotel is reflected in a way that lets your guests know that even when things don’t go to plan, you are willing to make them right.

4. It’s Important to Building Your Audience

Your hotels online reputation management also plays an important part in building your audience. Part of maintaining a positive online reputation involves regularly engaging with guests and potential guests online through various platforms. With regular engagement and curation of your social media accounts, an online presence manager for hotels like Online Presence Manager, can not only build your social media audience, but they can also build your guest-base as well.

5. It’s Reliable Direct Marketing

Hiring a hotels online reputation manager to manage all facets of your online reputation is also a great way to get reliable and direct marketing. As your ORM works to create and share unique content about your hotel and build your following on various platforms, your hotel is receiving regular exposure and that exposure ensures that your hotel name is the one that’s on everyone’s lips the next time that they are looking for a place to stay!

6. It Builds Online Linking

Whenever someone mentions your hotel online it’s a search engine link that is going to get connected to your business. It’s important for your online reputation manager to go in and respond to comments and mentions to build out those links and ensure that they are a positive reflection on your company. For example, if a guest leaves a review where they complain that they were unhappy with a particular aspect of their stay, that link is going to be present in search engines whether you answer or not. Now, your ORM’s job is to go in and respond to that comment in a positive way that assures your guest that you are distressed by their experience and that you have every intention of making things right. Why? Because now that link that existed in search engines and referred to a negative experience at your hotel refers to an unfortunate experience at your hotel that was quickly rectified.

7. You Create a Personal Appearance for Your Business

Most hotels are seen by guests as large companies who care little about individual guests that stay with them. This is unfortunate since your hotel’s reputation is dependent on the reviews and opinions of these guests. This is why it is crucial for your business to have a hotels online presence management professional on staff who can maintain a regular presence online and give your business a personal face. Guests will no longer feel slighted because they don’t matter to you as a big business, they will instead, receive the individual attention that they deserve through social media interaction, comment replies, and connect requests. Doing this makes your guests and future guests feel special but it also creates a warm environment around your hotel’s reputation that makes it a more appealing place to stay when compared to those cold, corporate organizations.

8. It’s the Perfect Tool For Gaining Customer Insight

One of the most important ways to make sure that your hotel is pleasing to guests and future guests is to conduct market research. It used to be that companies had to hire individuals to do this type of research for them and then conduct focus groups that weren’t cost effective or reliable. With an online reputation manager on your team, however, you can collect digital data from guests and potential guests without all of the added expense. You can get the feedback you need from guests to make adjustments to your business model so that you provide a better guest experience. Through ongoing feedback collection and customer insight, you can continually improve your business to meet the wants and needs of a wider audience of guest!

Need Assistance With Your Hotels Online Reputation Management?

If you need assistance with your hotels online reputation management, we can help. Here at Online Presence Manager, we can not only get your hotels online reputation management taken care of, but we can build up your online presence to make sure that yours is the hotel that guests choose to stay in.

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