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10 Reasons Why Online Reputation Monitoring is Crucial to Your Business

By October 22, 2018September 7th, 2022No Comments

By now you have likely already heard plenty of people throwing around the concept of online reputation monitoring, but do you know why it’s such an important concept? Why is online reputation monitoring so crucial to your business? Well, hang tight, because that’s exactly what we’re discussing today.

10 Reasons Why Online Reputation Monitoring is Crucial to Your Business!

1. Find Out WHO Is Talking About Your Business

Who is talking about your business matters, not only when they’re speaking negatively, but also when they’re speaking positively. When you manage your online reputation, you can keep an eye on who is speaking out about your brand – a great way to identify celebrity endorsers for your product, to discover marketing avenues, and to connect with your audience.

2. Clients Trust People, Not Corporations

Regular online reputation management is also an opportunity for you to give your company or brand a personal face. Why is this so important? Because clients and customers trust people, not corporations. When you speak out for your company and answer as a human being, not an automated client, you are letting your clients know that you care about your clients and that you value personal relationships with clients.

3. Automation Just Doesn’t Cut It

Automatically generating content, “liking” feedback, and responding to questions might give the appearance of a company that is active online, but it certainly isn’t fooling anyone. Your clients know when they’re being fed automation and in short, it’s telling them that “you’re not important enough for my time”.

4. Track Clients Reviews, Opinions, and Feedback

One of the most important things to be gained from online reputation monitoring is the ability to track customer feedback. This is important because it gives you the chance to identify what makes your customers happy and what needs improvement in your business. This is also a chance to get negative feedback under control before it takes over your reputation.

5. Online Opinion Spreads Like Wildfire

Speaking of online feedback, the very nature of the digital world means that online information can be spread in just seconds. By keeping a close eye on online opinions of your business and by responding to them and taking control of negative situations, you can be sure that when that online opinion of your business starts to spread, you don’t come out of it looking like an apathetic corporation.

6. Anticipate and Control the Direction of Bad Press

Bad press happens once in a while, but if you maintain control over your online reputation, you can use that reputation to anticipate and direct that flow of bad press. For example, companies who realize that a newly released product was a complete failure often make jokes at their own expense to acknowledge their flub before someone else does it for them. This type of proactive action lets your customers know that you are human and that you make mistakes but that you aren’t afraid to admit to those mistakes.

7. Keep an Eye on the Competition

Online reputation management also gives you an opportunity to keep an eye on your competitors. You have the chance to see what your clients are saying about the competition, to see what your potential clients say about the competition, to see what approaches to business your competition is taking, to monitor mentions of upcoming releases, and to respond immediately to any mention of your business by the competition.

8. The Online World Is Not Going Anywhere

The digital world is not going anywhere and neither are many of the comments and reviews left about your business online, so it’s important that you respond to and address online mentions and feedback when they happen. By responding to and representing your company in a professional way when this type of negative feedback comes up, you ensure that your company speaks up rather than hides, letting your potential clients know that even when things do go wrong, your company isn’t going to run away, they’re going to make it right. This gives consumers trust in your business and lets them know that they are valued to your business and more than just a paycheck!

9. Your Brand Will Be Remembered

Another major benefit to online reputation management is that your brand will remain at the front of people’s minds because your online presence manager will keep your company name active through regular mentions, online activity, and interaction. This is helpful because it means that the next time potential clients are looking for a company that provides specific services, your name will be engrained in their mind. Even people who have never done business with your company before are likely to recommend your company to others based simply on the fact that they know that you offer that service after seeing your company recommended so often.

10. Build on Momentum

It’s always a great feeling when our company or service gets praised online, but without proper online reputation management, that praise isn’t necessarily going to be seen or turn into positive publicity for your company. By being active online and managing your reputation, however, you can turn positive publicity into something much larger and keep that momentum going which is always great for business!

Ready to Reap the Benefits of Online Reputation Monitoring?

If your business is ready to reap the benefits of online reputation monitoring, Online Presence Manager can help. We offer a range of service packages that include online reputation monitoring services that are designed to fit every budget. Why not take a look at which of our service packages would be best for your business or give us a call if you have any questions! You can reach us toll-free at 727-475-6460.

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