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Reputation Management Service: 8 Ways an Online Reputation Manager Can Help Your Business

By July 9, 2018September 8th, 2022No Comments

A good reputation management service can benefit your business in a good many ways, but today I want to focus on eight of the most beneficial.

8 Ways an Online Reputation Management Service Can Benefit Your Business

1. A Good Reputation Will Lead to Consumer Advocates!

An online reputation management company that manages your online business reputation well will forge relationships with your customers. In return, these customers will go on to become advocates for your business. Consumer advocates are beneficial to your business because they serve as neutral parties whose referral to your company is one that can be trusted. In addition, consumer advocates are able to reach a wide audience that you may not otherwise have been able to reach.

2. More Job Applicants

With a good online reputation manager on your team, your company representation online will be a positive one. Not only does a positive online reputation look good for consumers, but it also looks good to potential employees. When your company is hiring, you are more likely to get a good selection of applicants when your online reputation is well curated. Why? Simply put, no one wants to work in the middle of drama-central. You are also more likely to attract better-qualified job applicants when your online reputation is well-maintained.

3. Your Employees Are More Likely to Stick Around

There are many factors that go into whether your employees leave your company for another position somewhere else. Just one of those factors is pressure from others and the stigma attached to working for a particular company. By making sure that your online reputation is a positive one, you also ensure that there is no negative stigma associated with working for your company, and peers won’t pressure your employees to leave for the same reason.

4. An Active Reputation Manager Will Create Brand Recognition

An active reputation manager will work hard to create unique content for your business, to build your online presence, and to expand your social network audience. Doing this regularly will keep your business name at the forefront of people’s minds and make it a recognizable one in the future.

5. Your Company Will Establish a Trusted Reputation

By maintaining a regular and positive presence online, your business is in the public eye. As a company in the public eye, you are seen as a business that is transparent with its customers, that isn’t afraid to answer questions about their products and services, and that doesn’t shy away from consumer interaction. This means that should a problem arise or a consumer need to get in touch with your company, they can have confidence in knowing that you are available and willing to keep open lines of communication.

In this day and age, it’s so easy for companies to scam their consumers, so having a trusted reputation is one of the biggest factors in setting your company apart from the competition.

6. Free Business Insights

With a reputation management service monitoring feedback and reviews of your business online, engaging with consumers, actively building relationships with customers, and curating content, you will gain valuable insight into your audience. By truly listening to and interacting with your customer base a reputation management professional can glean information that will help you to modify your business where needed and create new products that are catered to customer desires. This won’t just increase your bottom line, but it will also create a happier customer base who feels that they are being listened to.

7. A Reputation Manager Can Help Neutralize Problematic Comments and Reviews

Many small business owners bury their heads in the sand when it comes to problematic comments and reviews, unfortunately, this can do more harm than good. Ignoring these things and hoping that they go away is the worst way to deal with them because it lets them fester. It gives other displeased consumers the chance to jump on the bandwagon and it lets your negative review go unanswered. A reputable company is a responsible company and that means tackling negative comments and reviews head on. This might not make these comments and reviews go away, but it does give you the chance to neutralize them by coming up with a reasonable solution and apologizing when necessary.

Think of it this way – if you run across a complaint about a company online it will make you wonder about that company and the experience that the complainant had. If that complaint is then followed up with a response from that business offering apologies, stating intentions to follow up on the situation, and an offer to discuss the situation personally with the complainant, your impression of that business is going to change. You will see that company as one that cares about their customers and their reputation. An online reputation manager can help you to make sure that your situation is the second of the two above.

8. Produce Positive Content

Your reputation management service works hard to produce content for your business, that content will always have a positive spin on it and reflect your business in a positive light. This will help to build the positive presence of your business online and keep the public eye on the positive changes that are taking place in your company.

Seeking a Reputable Reputation Management Service?

If you’re on the lookout for a reputable reputation management service, Online Presence Manager can help. Just pick up the phone and give me a call toll-free at 727-475-6460 for your free consultation!

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