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Today we want to talk a little bit about how Google PPC ads can increase your business in a big way as we head into a new phase in the COVID-19 pandemic.

As businesses get ready to open their doors again, most businesses are going to need to supercharge their sales to make up for the lost revenue from the past couple of months. This doesn’t just mean attracting customers with deals and sales, it also means investing in your online presence.

How Google PPC Ads Can Increase Business in a BIG Way

One of the most efficient tools at your disposal to improve your online presence is Google PPC ads…but only when used correctly. What does that mean? It means that you might want to consider investing in an online presence manager to handle your PPC ads so that you can optimize your advertising budget and increase your business income.

We know what you’re thinking…how can I afford to pay someone to manage my PPC campaign when I’m already struggling for business? Well, the thing about PPC campaigns is that they’re only going to work well for your business if you know what you are doing. If you don’t have a clue how to make PPC ads work for you, however, you’re going to be throwing money into an endless pit. Allow us to explain…

Google PPC Ads work by targeting keywords and key terms that are relevant to your business and when people search for those (or related) key terms, Google displays an ad for your business. Now, the tricky part of making PPC ads work for you is that you have to select keywords and terms that people are searching for but that your competitors aren’t targeting excessively.

Think of it like this…

You sell apples. You have two competitors who also sell apples. Your competitors both advertise on Google PPC for the keyword “apples”. Now, the key term “organic apples” gets slightly fewer searches each month but neither of your competitors is using this term to advertise their businesses.

So, you’ve got a keyword that you have competition for and one that you have no competition for. You’re obviously going to end up paying more for your advertisement when you have competition. So in this instance, it’s a better option for you to advertise using the key phrase “organic apples”.

PPC services like ours use targeted software to extract these similar keywords and phrases that have less competition and a good number of searches per month. By doing this, we make maximum use of your budget and get you the best results.

How Google PPC Ads Can Increase Business in a BIG Way

Additional Benefits of Using Google Ads to Promote Your Business

Using Google Ads to promote your business can do more than increase sales and foot traffic, too. Consider the following perks…

Targeted Ads

Targeted ads are one of the perks of using an online reputation management company who have the tools and resources to put Google Ads to work for you. As experts in local SEO, we know how to use ad tools like Google Ads to draw on very specific local traffic that produces a productivity rate that is much higher than non-local SEO campaigns.

Better Control of Advertising Costs

When you invest in Google Ads to advertise your business, you have complete flexibility over your advertising budget and the ability to stop and start as you need to to accommodate for any changes to your advertising plans. This means that you can funnel more of your budget into one search engine term if that is more profitable for you!

Our Google Ad Management Services

If you feel uncomfortable approaching Google Ads by yourself or if you just want to get the most out of your experience, we can help with that.

Our all-inclusive management packages include Google Ads Setup & Management at a fraction of the cost of what other Google Ads management services charge.

You can take advantage of the low Google Ads minimum advertising budget (which is only $300 per month) to take a trial run if you like! That way you get to see how well Google Ads work for you without diving into the deep end of the pool.

Our most popular package among small business owners is our Google Ads management package, which is $695 mo. This includes Google PPC Ads setup and management as well as many other beneficial services that will not only promote your business presence online, but it will get foot traffic into your brick and mortar stores and drive sales to your online site.

Need Help Managing Google PPC Ads?

If you need assistance managing your Google PPC ads, Online Presence Manager can help.

Not sure what PPC ads are but want to increase your sales? We can help with that too! Just give us a call today at 727-475-6460 to set up your free consultation and we’ll get you on the road to increased profits in no time!

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