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1. Keyword Targeting

One of the most important things that a Google Ads management company can do for your business is keyword targeting. Keyword targeting is the process of researching keywords related to your business to create more targeted ads that will drive traffic to your site without maxing out your Google Ads budget.


When keyword targeting, an ads management company will use a number of specialized tools to conduct keyword research. This research helps to determine the best investment for your ads budget by identifying keywords that are regularly searched (this means traffic,) but that are affordable (this limits your expenses,) while also having low competition from other businesses (this means a lower budget and better exposure!)

Google Ads Management Company

2. ROI Analysis

Another important aspect of Google Ads management is tracking your return on investment. As a small business owner, you need to make every penny count, which means that you have to stay on top of current ad campaigns.

Through regular monitoring, a good Google Ads management company will always ensure that you are getting the best return on your investment when purchasing ads. Much of this pivots on thorough and regular keyword research, but it also involves tracking the competition’s ad campaigns too!


3. Budget Management

As a small business, budget is everything. Your company is still small which means that your budget is limited and you need to get the most out of every penny. An experienced ads management company can help you to stick to a tight budget through regular monitoring of ongoing Google ad campaigns.


What does monitoring mean when it comes to Google Ads? Monitoring doesn’t just require tracking of your return on investment, it also means…

  • Regular analysis of keywords to ensure that keyword competition ratings have not increased and reduced your buying power.
  • Tracking search trends to be sure that your current keyword selections for ads are maximizing your budget.
  • Making adjustments to ad campaigns as needed to maintain a steady flow of traffic, to stay within your budget, and to generally be sure that you are getting the biggest bang for your buck!


4. Ad Testing

Ad testing is exactly what it sounds like – creating different campaign ads to research how well each ad performs. This type of testing is what makes it possible for you to improve your return on investment by selecting only ads that are proven to generate the most revenue while staying within any limiting parameters you might have.


For example, through research, your ad management company can build a profile of your typical customer to find out what type of marketing campaign they are most likely to respond to. This information can then be finetuned by creating multiple test ads to find out which is most likely to generate the most revenue.


5. Campaign Maintenance

Once your ads campaigns are set up, there is no guarantee that the same ads or targeted keywords are going to continue to be successful a few weeks or months from now. Trends change, surfer habits change, views of your product change, your competition changes… There are so many influencing factors that can change on a dime that proper campaign management and maintenance is crucial.


Changing trends etc. isn’t the only reason why proper campaign maintenance is important, though. Without good campaign maintenance, you can very quickly exceed your ad budget for the month in just days. That means that for the rest of the month, your ad budget is zero and to continue driving traffic and maintaining Google Ads income is going to be impossible!


6. Save You Time

Building, maintaining, and tweaking ads campaigns can be a fulltime job – especially if you aren’t sure what you are doing! Unfortunately, this is time that most small business owners don’t have. As a business owner, your priorities lie in building a successful business and that leaves very little time for anything else like ad management! Bringing in a professional to manage your ads ensures that you have the time you need to get your new business to a point of real stability and to establish your brand in the market.


Does Your Company Need An Ads Manager?


As a small business, you may be asking yourself whether you actually should invest in an ads manager. Afterall, as a new company your budget is tight but…in order to grow, you need to make sales, to make sales you need web traffic. And that traffic means ensuring that your business has a regular and consistent online presence.

You may wonder if it’s possible to manage your own ads campaigns – it’s a plan that could save you money, isn’t it? Instead of paying someone to manage your campaigns, simply doing the job yourself could save you from having to pay someone else to do the job. Unfortunately, this isn’t really the case.

To make the most of your budget and drive as much quality traffic to your business as possible, you need to take advantage of the knowledge that an ads manager offers. This knowledge comes after years of experience in search engine marketing and ads management.

Your ads manager doesn’t just bring experience to the table, though, they also bring with them a whole slew of professional keyword and ad researching tools. Many of these tools are only available to select audiences, and others come at such a cost that they just aren’t practical to purchase on a limited budget.


Are You Looking For a Google Ads Management Company?


If you are looking for a Google Ads management company to help to manage your small business Google Ads campaign, Online Presence Manager can help! To find out more about how we can help, call 727-475-6460 for your free consultation today!

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