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What is AMP and How can it help my business?

By February 15, 2018February 27th, 2018No Comments

What is AMP and how can it help my business?

It’s a question I was asked just yesterday and it reminded me to drop by and share this fantastic tool with you.

What is AMP?

Okay, so first thing is first, what does AMP stand for?

Accelerated Mobile Pages.

What IS it?

AMP is an open source online publishing project from Google. Its sole purpose is making the user experience more seamless for mobile users by optimizing content and advertisements.


Websites that are published with AMP include three components which are read by web crawlers and instruct them to display an AMP version of the site when it is being accessed via a mobile browser.

The components of AMP which instruct the web crawlers to pull the AMP version of the site include AMP HTML, AMP JS, and AMP Cache.

AMP HTML is HTML coding that has been expanded to include AMP properties. These AMP additions to normal HTML tags make a webpage more accessible and faster loading on a mobile browser.

AMP JS is Javascript library allows for your AMP HTML pages to be rendered quickly.

AMP Cache is implemented to cache AMP HTML pages so that they can be served quickly from cached versions rather than pulling live data every time the page is viewed.

How Do You Implement AMP?

AMP works with a few different platforms including WordPress. To implement AMP on my WordPress site I simply downloaded and activated the AMP plug-in.

If you are looking to implement AMP on your WordPress site and aren’t sure how, drop me a line and I’ll be happy to help you to get setup. If you are working on another platform you should know that at this time not every content publishing platform supports AMP. If your content publishing platform does support AMP but you need help implementing AMP, don’t panic, I can help you too, just give me a call.

Why Should You Implement AMP?

So, why should you implement AMP on your site?

  • Implementing AMP will improve your search engine ranking on mobile searches
  • AMP will also make your mobile site load faster and result in fewer visitors leaving your site due to slow loading times.
  • Perhaps most importantly, AMP ensures that your website visitors will have a pleasant experience when browsing your site.

Ready to Implement AMP?

If instead of asking “What is AMP?”, you are now asking how you can get help implementing AMP, just pick up the phone and call me at727-475-6460  today for your free consultation!

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