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Web Design 2018: Why You Should Give Your Business a Fresh Look For the New Year

By December 12, 2017May 15th, 2021No Comments

Web design 2018 is, no doubt, going to be just as dynamic (if not more so) than 2017 web design was and as a business owner, you should be prepared. What do I mean? Allow me to explain…

Understanding Web Design 2018: The Evolution of Web Design

When web design first became “a thing” it was clipart, GIF’s, trailing cursors, and banners…lots and lots of banners. Things stayed this way for a while as well because the field of web design was in its infancy and the tools available were limited. Not to mention that CMS systems like WordPress weren’t even a thought back then…

As website design began to grow as a field those sparkling cursor trailers began to fade out and people were no longer tricked into clicking those flashy banner farms. Still, the change was slow and a shift towards CMS systems began.

The High-Speed and Dynamic Advancements of 2017

By 2017, WordPress, Woo-Commerce, Magento…they all ruled the market and they all held a purpose and had their own following. Of more interest, however, was the plethora of plug-ins, themes, and add-ons that pushed traditional appearing websites into a whole new realm.

It’s an incredible thing to have so many resources to choose from when creating a design for a website, we are free and able to make virtually any design we can dream up…but the rapid release of new additions to the theme, plug-in, and add-on fields began to create pressure on small website owners. They HAD to keep up. Their websites had to reflect recent trends and new developments in content management and presentation.

…But What About Small Business Owners?

Most small business owners didn’t worry about their website design. Most small business owners were far too focused on their bottom line to give any thought to their business website…after all, they had one, what more could people ask for?

We can’t fault small business owners for focusing on what they know best rather than something they know little about. We can’t even fault web designers for not updating business sites. Why? Because to most business owners…to most people outside the web design world, a website is something you build once…much like a house. This means that most small businesses are reluctant to request new website designs or invest in them when in their mind, they already have one that functions as it’s supposed to…

Here’s the problem with that thinking and the reason why you should set aside funds for web design 2018…

In 2016 “responsive design” (website designs that automatically optimized their appearance based on the device you were using to view the site) was a suggestion. By 2017 responsive design was a must. By 2018 any business that does not utilize responsive design will not just fall behind the pack, they will be left out of the race entirely.

Responsive design is just one example of a feature that went from being optional to mandatory in the past year and in the coming year if your website does not account for the newest design developments that hit the design world in late 2017, your business is going to suffer.

Need help with a new design for your small business website? Give me a call at 727-475-6460 and let me help you to bring your business into 2018!

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