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7 Ways an Online Presence Manager Can Help Your Restaurant Business

By September 19, 2018September 8th, 2022No Comments

Wondering about the ways an online presence manager can help your restaurant business? If you own a restaurant business and have been toying with the idea of bringing an online presence manager on board but aren’t sure of the benefits, then today’s article is for you!

7 Ways an Online Presence Manager Can Help Your Restaurant Business

1. Grow Your Business Social Media Reach

An online presence manager doesn’t only manage what is already online about your company, they also create content and build connections for your business. By regularly curating your social network audience, maintaining regular interaction with your followers, and frequently sharing content of interest, your online presence manager can grow your reach through social media and expose a much larger audience to your restaurant name.

2. Diffuse Possibly Explosive Situations

As a restaurant, your business is subject to a large amount of criticism from anyone and everyone. This, unfortunately, means that it isn’t uncommon for dissatisfied customers to hop online and complain about their experience at your restaurant. Fortunately, when you employ an online presence manager, part of their job is to monitor this type of online feedback and respond to it in a timely and professional manner. By providing a fast response that is designed to smooth over the situation, your OPM is able to portray your business as one that cares about customer opinion and that is dedicated to customer satisfaction.

3. Cost Effective Marketing

When it comes to ways an online presence manager can help your restaurant, one of the benefits that is often overlooked is marketing potential. As a restaurant, it’s easy to get lost in the competition when you’re using traditional means of advertising. When you use an online presence manager, however, you can showcase new products and services in a more targeted environment by engaging directly with previous, current, and potential clients simply by utilizing social media platforms.

4. The Gift of Time

In the age of technology, you have no choice but to represent your restaurant in various online forums. There is a problem with this need, however, because as a restaurant owner or manager you simply don’t have the time to learn how to manage your online presence and curate and maintain it on a regular basis. That’s where your online presence manager comes into the picture. By managing all aspects of your restaurant’s online reputation, your OPM frees up your time to work on the more pressing responsibilities of owning and managing an extremely competitive business.

5. Get Your Business Listed in Various Directories and Forums

Any opportunity that you have to get online real estate for your business is one worth taking. Again, as a restaurant owner and operator, you likely don’t have the time to pick up and reserve your company name on these online networks, but your OPM does! As part of their growth campaign for your business, an online presence manager for restaurants will submit your business to various online directories and relevant websites to reserve as much online real estate for your business as possible. This also works to prevent other businesses with a similar name from taking over what should be your own real estate and avoids unpleasant situations where competitors take your online real estate simply so that you don’t have it.

6. Better Performing PPC Advertising Campaigns

An online presence manager for restaurants doesn’t only handle your clients, client feedback, and online real estate for your business, they can also manage your pay per click advertising campaigns. For example, if you currently utilize AdWords for your restaurant, an OPM can analyze your current campaigns to see where you are getting the most benefit from your campaigns and where you are losing money. Using specialized tools, your OPM will then determine the best performing advertising terms and phrases to optimize your traffic, make the most of your budget, and reduce your competition for active viewers of your site.

Whether you need someone to set up a PC advertising campaign from the bottom up or whether you need someone to take over your current advertising campaign, an OPM is the right choice for you to take back control of your online advertising portfolio.

7. Event Announcements

Restaurants and clubs often hold special events that are designed to increase business and expose more people to your restaurant. These events can work quite well, but only when they receive enough “publicity”. Without any exposure, these events often flop and end up with one very disappointing turnout and nothing makes your restaurant look worse than unattended events. Fortunately, by maintaining a regular online profile and interacting often with followers of your website and social networks, your online presence manager for restaurants can make sure that your upcoming event is well publicized. As a result of your OPM creating online hype for your event, you will no longer have to worry about disappointing turnout and embarrassing press coverage of the event that flopped.

Ready to See the Ways an Online Presence Manager Can Help Your Restaurant Business?

If you’re ready to see the ways an online presence manager can help your restaurant, just give me a call at 727-475-6460 for your free consultation! Let me tell you how I can boost your small business growth by catering an online presence management plan to your needs.

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