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There are plenty of online presence MGMT tips out there for small business owners, but how many are written by small business owners themselves?

What’s the difference?

Advice offered by a small business owner is based on experience, understanding, and knowledge of the unique strains of being a small business owner. In comparison, advice offered by big business owners or people who aren’t business owners at all is based on outdated or non-existent experience.

The business world changes rapidly and carries with it unique demands which are best advised on by people who have been themselves. With that said, today I want to share with you 5 online presence management tips for small business owners that I myself have utilized.

online presence mgmt tips

5 Online Presence MGMT Tips for Small Business Owners

1. Create a Website that Speaks to Who You Are as a Business

One of the first representations of who you are as a business is your website. You want that site to represent who you are as a business in terms of appearance, how up to date you are on trends in your niche, and how well you know your audience. Make sure that your site is well designed, visually appealing, easily accessible, regularly updated, and secured against viral and adware attacks.

2. Be Present on Social Networks

If you don’t represent your company on social networks, someone will (most likely your competition!) So make sure to register online social media profiles and keep them updated while representing your company in regards to any questions or concerns from customers.

3. Create a Social Media Policy

As a small business, you and your employees are put under more of a microscopic lens. Everything you AND your employees do online is a reflection of your company so it’s important that everyone who represents you online is professional in their online conduct.

4. Create Regular Website Updates with Unique Content

Regular website updates with unique content keep potential customers coming back for more information. Regular updates also increase your search engine presence as an authority in your niche and make your website more dynamic.

5. Keep Personal and Business Separate

When updating social media profiles etc. always make sure to keep a discernable line between your personal life and your business life. Your business should present a professional and organized front online and should not be tied to any personal trouble or drama you are experiencing! No one wants to do business with a business owner who can’t even manage to keep their personal problems out of the workplace!

Need Help Managing Your Online Presence?

If you need help with your online presence management, drop me a line! I’d be happy to help you set out a plan to manage your online presence and to get that plan in motion!

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I've been digital marketing since the Commodore 64. I specialize in providing fully managed digital marketing and local SEO services for businesses. When I'm not managing a SMB presence, I post reputation, SEO, and social media management tips for business owners.

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