Local SEO Company

Local SEO is one of the most effective methods of marketing small businesses online. By targeting local audiences through search engine optimization, I can ensure that your products and services are being shared with those who are looking for them. That results in one thing – increased profit for your business!
Local SEO campaigns are also a great way to promote your business over the local competition. By targeting location-specific information, I turbocharge search engine campaigns to make sure that yours is the first name your potential customers see. That means a competitive edge for you and less business for your competition.

Local SEO Company

All-inclusive Brand Presence Management Package – Silver


My All-inclusive Brand Presence Management Silver package includes management of your:

– AdWords PPC Marketing Account
– Google Business Profile
– Facebook (12 updates per month)
– Google+ (8 updates per month
– Instagram (12 updates per month)
– Twitter (40 Tweets per month)
– Pinterest (4 Pins per month)
– Tumblr (4 updates per month)
– Site-wide Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
– Weekly Content Updates (4 per month)
– WordPress Website


There are no contracts or minimum advertising budget requirements. I keep it simple and focus on results. History has taught me that results make for very happy customers, which in turn results in long-term customers for me. So, you’re more than welcome to cancel my Brand Presence Management services at any time.

Updates that are shown are minimum numbers and will increase generically as your content base grows. If you don’t use a specific platform for your business, I can take those updates and simply apply them to a social media channel that you prefer. Again, brand presence management made simple for busy small business owners.

OPM Package Silver

What is a Local SEO Company?

Local SEO CompanyA local SEO company is a company that works with local businesses to increase website traffic, increase customers, and increase business revenue.

But don’t most SEO companies do this?

Well yes…and no.

The average SEO company works with businesses all over the state, country, or even globe to increase traffic, customers, and revenue, but they don’t always do this by approaching things from a local level.

A local SEO service focuses their efforts on a local level.

What’s the difference?

Let’s look at an example…

Say that you own a small bakery in Tampa, Florida. You want to increase exposure to your bakery, so you hire a search engine professional to get the process started.

Now, that SEO professional starts numerous campaigns to promote your bakery. These campaigns target bakery specific keywords and increase traffic to your website and that’s great…isn’t it?

It could be.

If your small bakery also has an online store that can ship long distance, then this traffic may be beneficial for you. If your bakery doesn’t have an online store and doesn’t ship long distance, then only a very small percentage of this traffic is going to be beneficial to you.

Hiring a local SEO company, however, targets local traffic, local customers, people who can easily access your bakery and increase your revenue.

What Can a Local SEO Company Do for You?

Local SEO

When seeking out a professional SEO company to provide these tools, a local SEO company might be the best choice for you if you own a small business. Of course, every business large and small can benefit from the work of SEO professionals, but local SEO companies are what drive foot traffic through the doors of small businesses.


Well, they combine their understanding of SEO and local communities to get you results.

A Local SEO Company Targets Local Traffic

A local SEO service can help to put your business on the map of potential local clients by focusing in on local search terms.

Rather than targeting general and broad term traffic, a local company focuses their efforts on the search terms that are going to drive local traffic through your door. Not only are these terms more productive for your business, but they are more affordable and tend to have less competition.

A Local SEO Company Knows Your Audience

A local SEO company doesn’t only focus on search engine traffic as a means to increase customers to your business. They also target advertisements and campaigns to appeal to your local audience.

Not every audience responds to the same stimulus the same way. One factor that impacts what we respond to greatly is local influence, for example, a health-conscious community is less likely to respond to an advertisement featuring less health-conscious lifestyles.

A local SEO professional taps into their knowledge of local communities to ensure the best result from all of your search engine campaigns.

A Local SEO Company Can Get a Better Feel for Your Business

One of the most beneficial aspects of hiring a local SEO company for your small business is their proximity to your small business.

Hiring a company in Missouri to work on your search engine presence as a small business in Florida can only prove so effective. This is not only due to the factors I mentioned above, but it’s also a result of how poorly this company can get to know your business.

When you hire a local company to work with your local SEO campaigns you are hiring a company that can know your business intimately. Not only can they get a feel for your local audience, but they can experience your business personally.

Look at it this way, who can better sell your product or service, someone who has experienced it firsthand or someone who has been told about it? Hiring a local company to manage your online presence ensures that you hire a company who knows every feature of your services, knows the layout of your local stores, knows the selling points that put you above the competition. A local company has that personal knowledge that lets your customers know exactly what you have to offer and does it from a level of familiarity that a company thousands of miles away can’t offer.

Think a local SEO company is the right choice for you and your business?

Local SEO FirmIf you live in the Tampa region and think a local SEO company is the key to your small business’s local success (and it probably is), reach out and give me a call at 727-217-5752! I’d be happy to discuss with you how I can help to bring your small business to the local prominence it deserves!

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