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HelloBar: Why you should have it on your website if you want calls to your business

By March 20, 2018No Comments

A couple of days ago I talked about adding a call now button to your website, today I want to focus on using HelloBar to do that rather than using the Call Now Button. The HelloBar is a multifunctional solution to adding a call now button to your website and offers benefits beyond immediate contact solutions.

What is HelloBar?

HelloBar is a simple to use script or plugin that fits seamlessly into your website to improve your online presence and your availability to clients. If you are using a WordPress blog to publish your website, you can simply install HelloBar by using their WordPress plugin and following the directions on-screen. If you use an HTML website format, however, you will need to manually incorporate the HelloBar script into your HTML files. Fortunately, installation and setup are quite easy and detailed instructions are available via the official Hello Bar website here.

How Does HelloBar Work?

HelloBar offers various options for communicating with your clients via your website so that you can create a more personal feel to your business, improve your online presence, as well as increase sales! There are currently four methods of using HelloBar on your business website, you can use it to promote a sale or discount, talk directly to your website visitors, increase your mailing list, and increase your Facebook fans. Let’s take a look at each of these goals individually.

Promote a Sale/Discount

You can use HelloBar on your website to point visitors directly to your latest deal, bargain, or giveaway to increase the amount of time that visitors will spend on your website. This use of HelloBar will also increase the likelihood of a purchase or of customers providing their contact information.

Talk to Your Visitors

Adding HelloBar to your business site also allows you to add a “Call now” button on to the mobile version of your website. This is particularly useful if your site offers more information than can feasibly be read on a mobile screen. Rather than leave mobile visitors to your site frustrated, offer them the opportunity to call you directly with the click of a button.

Grow Your Mailing List

HelloBar also offers you the opportunity to grow your mailing list. This is beneficial for customers who sign up because it allows them to receive unique sales notifications and new release e-mails. This is beneficial for you as a business because it provides you with valid contact information for clients and potential clients.

Get Facebook Likes

Using HelloBar also gives you the opportunity to incorporate Facebook into your business website so that you can increase your Facebook fans and consequently increase your presence on the huge social network!

Need Help Installing HelloBar on Your Website?

If you need help installing HelloBar on your website give me a call at 727-475-6460, the call is free and we can discuss how else I can assist you in improving your online business presence.

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