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Doctor’s reputation management is a crucial aspect of maintaining a healthy reputation for your medical clinic. If, like most medical clinics, however, you are run off your feet and overwhelmed with obligation, the chances are that you haven’t had time to take a look at your online reputation let alone fortify it. Fortunately, there are online reputation management professionals who can take care of that for you.

Doctor’s Reputation Management – Maintaining a Healthy Reputation

As a medical clinic, it is important that you maintain a wholesome and positive image both online and off. Most medical clinics have staff to manage marketing, customer relations, and HR in-house, but very few devote resources to the management of their online reputation. This lack of attention to your online presence is a significant oversight and today we want to talk just a little bit about four areas where an online reputation manager could help to improve your online reputation.

1. Online Review Management

With so many websites available where clients can review their medical providers and healthcare clinics, there is a good chance that at some point, your clinic (or one of your doctors) will receive a scathing/critical/or obnoxious review that is unwarranted. This type of review is problematic because when potential clients look for your business online, this is undoubtedly the review that will get the most attention.

Fortunately, an online presence manager can take matters into hand and by going through the correct channels, they can get the situation resolved quickly.

Doctors Online Reputation Manager
Doctor's Reputation Management

2. Client Interaction

Another commonly neglected area of online presence is client interaction. We can’t blame medical clinics for not having time to interact with the public through social media channels, things are hectic enough in the medical field! But this doesn’t excuse a complete lack of attention to customer interaction because this is a job that can be done by an online presence manager.

Client interaction plays a crucial part in maintaining client satisfaction as well as attracting new clients, so it’s important to keep up with regular client interaction through social media channels, by answering e-mail correspondence, and providing answers to questions posed through social network platforms!

3. Client Appreciation

Client interaction makes clients feel that you play an active role in your business, but client appreciation is equally as important. Client appreciation lets your current and previous customers know how important they are to your business, how much you appreciate them, and that you acknowledge the fact that they chose your business over your competitors when they had a choice.

Unfortunately, many businesses – particularly those in the medical and service industries – neglect this area of their business and this can lead to some feelings of resentment and underappreciation by customers and clients.

When clients take the time to leave a glowing review of your business online, they don’t necessarily expect you to reply to that review, but when you do, you set your business apart from the competition and you let your clients know how much you appreciate them. Forget the coupons, forget the freebies, forget the bonus offers…acknowledging your clients and their support of your business will get you further every time!

Doctors Online Management
Doctors Online Reputation Management

4. Exposure

Your online presence isn’t only about reaching out to and contacting customers, it is also about gaining exposure for your business. A reputable and experienced online presence manager will monitor your current level of exposure via your reputation score and they will use the information they gather to boost your business and improve your exposure.

For example, by monitoring where your business is mentioned online, who is talking about you, and what they are saying, your online presence manager can garner some valuable information that can be very valuable in terms of your current marketing strategy, your current customer base, their impression of your company right now, and what they expect from you in the future.

This type of free marketing research is the ideal way to curate different aspects of your business to create a more user friendly experience and to get a competitive edge over your competitors.

Are You Looking For Doctor’s Reputation Management Services?

If you are in need of doctor’s reputation management services for your clinic’s online presence, Online Presence Manager can help. To find out how, just give us a call today at 727-475-6460 and let us know what we can do for you!

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