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5 Benefits of Having Brand Presence Management (BPM) for Your Small Business

By March 1, 2018May 15th, 2021No Comments

There are numerous benefits of having brand presence management for your small business, all of which are invaluable. Today I want to focus on five of those benefits that will both boost your business traffic and maintain a reputable online brand presence.

5 Benefits of Having Brand Presence Management for Your Business

1. Increased Brand Recognition

When you work with a brand presence manager for your business one of the biggest benefits that comes with the territory is increased brand recognition. Part of your brand presence manager’s job is to monitor mentions of your brand online, to create and manage online content promoting your brand, and share and network content for social media networks. Through each of these avenues, your brand presence manager will increase exposure to your brand and increase recognition through that exposure.

2. Higher Brand Authority

As your brand presence manager monitors mentions of your brand on social media, online forums, and review websites, they also interact with clients and potential clients. Through this type of positive interaction and regular engagement, they build trust in your brand. This increased trust and ongoing interaction boost your brand’s authority.

3. More Traffic to Your Company Website

With a brand presence manager on your company’s side, you will not only see increased mentions and sharing of your company content online, but you will see an increase in website visitors as a result. The internet is one of your largest avenues to recruit new customers, share new products, and remind existing customers that you are still around. As your brand manager makes their rounds on various online sites they leave mentions of your company and lead more traffic back to your site.

4. Increased Search Engine Ranking

There are many different factors (around 200 or so!) that go into your search engine ranking and many of those factors are influenced by the activity of your brand presence manager.

  • As your brand presence manager posts more content promoting your brand they utilize keywords that get you ranked on search engines. By diversifying your keywords you will also get more rankings on search engines and be able to tap into related niches by using high traffic, low competition key terms.
  • When creating and sharing content for your brand, your brand presence manager focuses on lengthy content which improves your brand authority and provides informative information to keep readers interested in your brand. This improves your website status on search engines as well as in the eyes of your audience because you are standing out from other websites that share less informative or junky content.
  • By hiring a brand presence manager to regularly share information on your brand and products your content is frequently updated and search engines love frequently updated content! So long as your regularly updated content is fresh content and relevant to your niche, your BPM is contributing to your SEO status!
  • Internal linking increases the strength of presence of your website on search engines and as your BPM creates content they can interlink posts and pages on your site. For example, when writing a blog post to share information on your brand, they can incorporate links to other posts within your site. Or when posting a press release, they might include links to your site to increase your external linking as well!

5. Reduced Marketing Costs

While it will cost to hire a brand presence manager, you will save on marketing costs in the long run. Additionally, as your BPM shares content around the net, they share that content with a much wider and diverse audience than you could target by using traditional marketing means.

For example, you may purchase an ad spot on a website or use Google AdWords to increase traffic to your website. Doing this will only target a certain audience from one source and diversifying your advertising audience will cost more money. When you hire a brand presence manager, you pay a single fee but can also kill two birds with one stone. While you get the management of your brand all over the web, you also get regular mentions of your brand in public forums which will attract new traffic to your site.

Want to Discover the Benefits of Having Brand Presence Management For Your Business?

If you want to discover the benefits of brand presence management for your business, pick up the phone and give me a call. I offer all of my clients a free consultation, so for no cost, you can find out just how far we can take your business online with a structured presence management package.

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