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11 Ways to Employ Facebook Live Streaming in Your Business

By February 28, 2018No Comments

Are you wondering how to employ Facebook live streaming in your business to increase your business traffic and provide more of that ever elusive video content I talked about last week? Well, wonder no more because today I’m sharing eleven ways that you can put Facebook live streaming to work for you!

11 Ways to Employ Facebook Live Streaming in Your Business

1. Facebook live streaming is a great way to showcase your individual products

A visual is the easiest way to exhibit your newest product release or your most popular product in the store. This not only invites fans of that product to share their opinions with others, but it also introduces your product to new clients and helps to increase the “hype” about new product releases.

This can be particularly helpful in instances where you have an overstock of product. In order to increase sales of your overstocked products, you can create a Facebook live video to increase “hype”. Doing this will increase the exposure of your overstocked product and increase sales so that you don’t have to lose money on holding excess inventory.

2. Facebook live streaming in your business allows you to offer interactive video customer care

Online customer care and service can be incredibly frustrating for customers. Oftentimes your customers will feel that they are talking to a “robot” or a customer call center in another country and feel that they are getting less than top-shelf support. By implementing Facebook live streaming customer support you give your clients a visual confirmation that they are talking to a real human being with knowledge of your product and that they are receiving personalized support.

3. Using Facebook live streaming will allow you to keep clients or investors up to date with current project progress

Sometimes as a small business owner, you will endeavor to take on lengthy projects. This type of time-consuming project can lead to investors asking questions about the progress or the project or it can lead to customers doubting that a new product will ever be ready for release. By using Facebook live streaming you can keep investors or customers up to date on the progress of these projects so that they know that you are making advances even if they aren’t as quick as they would like.

4. Facebook live streaming is a great tool to show your customers and potential customers what to expect from your business

Whether you use Facebook live streaming to introduce your newest storefront or whether you use it to explain your products as they are released, customers will always be more responsive to visual stimulus. When you create live Facebook videos to show customers what to expect from your business and products they will feel much more secure in trusting you with their hard-earned money and will be more likely to purchase items from you because they know just what they are getting.

5. By using Facebook live streaming you can also increase the chances of getting media attention for your newest product or service

Not every small business wants to be in the media spotlight, but if you have dreams of making it to the media headlines one of the best ways that you can do this is by using Facebook live streaming. Video content is going to attract more attention than the more traditional press release and by providing live video content, you invite more concentrated attention which may spark media interest in your product or business.

6. Using Facebook live streaming can improve service with live engagement and consultation

Depending on the types of products or services that you offer, Facebook live streaming can be a great way to increase engagement with potential customers and offer live consultations for those interested in specific products. By using live streaming in this way you can answer questions about products live and you can give detailed explanations of products for interested clients.

One way in particular that Facebook live streaming can help in this way is for companies that create custom products for their clients. For example, a dress or costume maker can hold live consultations with customers to find out exactly what their client is looking for. Once a project is commissioned, a live Facebook video can also be beneficial in making small adjustments in design or selecting the right color or type of materials.

7. Facebook live streaming is a great way to crowdsource ideas for new products or improvements on existing concepts

The days of holding focus groups to get feedback from clients and potential clients are over. With tools like Facebook live streaming, you can now crowdsource information at the drop of a hat. Whether you are looking for ideas for your newest products or whether you are looking for ways to improve existing products, you can get all the feedback you desire by using a live streaming video on Facebook! This means that you save a bundle on research and marketing and it allows you to get feedback from a much broader audience than you otherwise might. The more people you can “poll” for feedback and the wider the range of that feedback, the more likely you are to create a product that will be universally desired and accepted.

8. Project demos and launch videos are so much easier with Facebook live streaming!

When it comes to creating demos of products, Facebook live streaming is a handy tool to get demos done quickly, efficiently, and on a lower budget than you might if you hired someone to make a professional video for you. When launching products these videos can be a great asset too because they allow you to showcase all of the features of your newest product, how the product should be used, and give a 360 visual to potential customers. Where press releases may divulge information on your products, they will not give a full visual experience and they will not allow you to show your clients how your products work. Without this type of interactive experience, it can be hard to get customers excited about your product. A live Facebook video, however, allows potential clients to see all aspects of your product and experience the temptation of a visual cue.

9. Facebook live streaming in your business can help you to provide live online classes or courses

Depending on what your product or service is, you may want to offer online classes or courses to your customers. These types of learning tools can be beneficial for putting a focus on your product, offering educational information to further your efforts as a company, and attracting clients by offering “free” information. Facebook live streaming is an affordable way to do this and an easy way to produce large amounts of content in a short time.

Some ways that you can use Facebook live streaming to run online courses include:

  • Running safety awareness courses for businesses that sell safety equipment
  • Holding online courses to encourage customers to purchase products, for example, teaching knitting if you own a craft products store.
  • Create live videos to expand on how customers can use products that they purchase from your store, for example, if you sell bakeware, you might hold a course that covers different elements of baking.

10. Holding contests is much easier when you use Facebook live streaming and it boosts your credibility

Many companies run contests to promote their product or service by attracting the attention of potential customers. One problem with running contests, however, is credibility. Participants in contests (particularly online contests) often question contest result validity when they are not able to view the drawing in person. This introduces another problem – logistics. When holding a contest you want to attract the attention of as many people as possible which often means that it isn’t feasible to have everyone gather in one location for the final prize drawing. For example, holding a nationwide contest is a great idea for an online business, but holding a drawing in person it is simply not possible for all entrants to be present. Live streaming a contest drawing using Facebook live streaming, however, allows you to do a live drawing for entrants from all over the world and it means that there will be fewer questions as to your credibility.

11. Facebook live streaming lets you hold live events for customers and clients to view and interact with

Live events are a great way to attract attention to your brand and product but they can be costly so it’s important to get the most possible out of your investment. One way to do this is to live stream your event on Facebook so that customers and clients who are unable to attend the actual event are able to take part via live video. Live streaming events in this way also ensures that all of your clientele are able to take part in live events regardless of their income level, location, or possible disabilities that may prevent them from attending an event. By including all of your clients in this way you are creating a friendlier and more accommodating environment that lets ALL of your clients know that you value them.

Need Help Implementing Facebook Live Streaming in Your Business?

If you are stumped and need a little help implementing Facebook live streaming in your business, pick up the phone and give me a call. I’d be happy to work with you to come up with a plan of action and your initial phone consultation is completely free so you have nothing to lose!

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