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Twitter Marketing: 4 Reasons Your Brand Suffers Due to Lack of Presence

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Twitter marketing might just be one aspect of social media marketing, but believe it or not, a lack of Twitter presence can cause your brand to suffer. Today I want to touch on four reasons why your brand suffers when you don’t leave your mark on Twitter.

4 Reasons Your Brand Suffers Due to Lack of Presence and Poor Twitter Marketing

1. You’re Out of the Loop

Twitter is a vast social media platform and not only does your audience make use of that platform, but so too do your clients and potential clients. When you are not present on Twitter or have a poor Twitter presence, you are out of the loop as far as industry discussion and you are off the radar of clients. A good Twitter marketing plan will make sure that your competitors and your clients know who you are and will keep you up to date with industry discussions.

2. Twitter Marketing is Set to Be More Popular Than Facebook Marketing This Year

Market research shows that this year Twitter marketing will become more of a focus for corporations than Facebook. While both avenues play an important role in your social media presence, with your competitors boosting their Twitter presence, your brand is going to get lost in the crowd if you too don’t make your presence known.

3. You Are Missing Out On Revenue

According to previous studies and social media insights, Twitter is a solid source of revenue for brands and businesses. While Facebook still proves to be a richer source of revenue for businesses, there is still a good deal of income to be made using Twitter as a marketing avenue. One reason for this is that customers are much more likely to shop with brands that actively engage with them through social media platforms. A failure to interact regularly means a failure to engage which results in a failure to pull that income into your business.

4. Twitter Users Are Shoppers

Data research agencies like Global Web Index track the spending habits of social media users and use data to determine the likelihood of those users to go on to purchase your product. Using this data, it has been shown that Twitter users rank above Facebook users when it comes to their likelihood to shop online. That means that there is a huge pool of shoppers just waiting to make a purchase and if you’re not active on Twitter, you’re missing out on every one of them.


Need Help With Your Twitter Marketing?

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