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When it comes to your Tampa SEO services, you need a team of professionals on your side. A team of reputable and experienced professionals. But, you also need a team with integrity when it comes to how they handle business, and believe us when we tell you that there are plenty of companies out there who paint a good picture, but they also like to “fluff up” the services that they provide to nickel and dime you to death. Today we’re going to talk about a few of the so-called “SEO tricks” that many of these companies provide.

Tampa SEO: 5 SEO “Tricks” That Aren’t Tricks At All

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1. “Our Top Secret Tricks Will Get You Ranked on Google”

This statement is a little suspect if you ask us. Namely because, as a search engine optimization company, isn’t it their job to get a company ranked on search engines like Google? So, it doesn’t matter if they use “tricks” or not, it’s not unreasonable to ask a company to do the job that they’re being hired to do. Will they use “tricks” to do it? That remains to be seen, but either way, they’re trying to sell you on their company by telling you that they will do what they’re hired to do…

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2. “We Can Get You Up to the Minute Stats…”

Many SEO companies offer this “service” as if it’s a magic trick, as if they have behind the scenes access to top-secret information. Well, the truth is that simply installing Google Analytics will get you your own up to date stats as accurately and as quickly as anyone or anything else can. The kicker? Google Analytics is free. Sure, you may want to pay someone to install it for you and even monitor it for you and there’s no shame in that – being a business owner is time-consuming – but don’t let a company sell you on their service based on something that can be done with anyone who has the time to do it. Is it a nice “perk” to have that service along with others? Sure, but it shouldn’t be your deciding factor when it comes to deciding who to hire to manage your SEO.

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3. “We Anticipate Google Algorithm Changes”

This one sounds impressive. You are meant to come away from this statement with the belief that this is a company that has “an in”, a company that knows secrets that other companies don’t. Well, it’s all in the phrasing. Keeping an eye on the search engine community and blogs will let you know when the experts are expecting an upcoming update, but the truth is that no one actually knows when updates will be released exactly and those who do, aren’t allowed to tell you!

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4. “We’ll Get You Plenty of Raving Reviews in No Time”

This one should raise a red flag for anyone, particularly a business owner. Yes, reviews can be solicited from customers politely, but the probability that this is what is being done to get you your “raving reviews”…well, it’s less than slim. The fact of the matter is that these “professionals” are more likely than not leaving reviews themselves or soliciting them from others who offer reviews as a service. What’s the problem if you get the good reviews anyway…right? Well, it’s a great way to get your site blacklisted and banned for a lifetime from directory and review websites that can bring you a steady stream of business.

Does this mean that all companies who offer to get you more positive reviews are a scam? Not at all, as we mentioned above, it is possible, but you need to know HOW the company is going about it. Are reviews coming from actual customers and are those customers being unfairly harassed to give them?

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5. “As Your Tampa SEO Company We Will Get More Traffic To Your Website”

This is another “trick” that falls under the umbrella of #1. The whole purpose of a search engine optimization company is to get your website listed on search engines so that you get increased traffic to your website which leads to increased revenue. So, essentially, when a company tells you that they will “get more traffic to your website”…well, they’re once again, telling you that if you hire them, they’re going to do their job!!!

Some companies will mention increased traffic as a way to explain what they can do to benefit your business and this is just fine – it’s what you want. BUT, you shouldn’t hire a company believing that they are giving you megastar treatment because they’re telling you that they are going to increase your website traffic…that’s what they’re being hired for.

If you have a company say this to you, follow up with them and ask HOW they will be increasing traffic to your website, what kind of increase in traffic do they anticipate, how soon can you expect to see results? These questions will help you to filter out the “trick” talkers from the professionals.

Looking For a Tampa SEO Company You Can Trust?

If you are looking for a Tampa SEO company that you can trust with your company’s online presence, we can help. We aren’t here to tell you what we can do for you, we’re here to show you! Call us today at 727-475-6460 and let’s get started on your SEO growth!

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