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When you’re looking for a Tampa SEO company to help promote your small business, how do you determine which company is best for local SEO domination? Today I want to talk about a few key things that you should and shouldn’t do to identify the quality companies from those that are just “blowing smoke”.

Tampa SEO Company: Finding the Best For Local SEO Domination

Every SEO company likes to push their services claiming to be the best of the best…but how can you tell which company can offer you the best local SEO services? One key is to do the following:

  1. Know What You Need!

    Know what you need from an SEO company. This will not only help you to decide which company can offer you the services you need, but it will also make sure that a company can’t talk you into services that you don’t need.

  2. Don’t Judge a Company By Their Website

    One common mistake that small business owners often make is to hire a company based on the appearance of their website. A good website does not a good SEO professional make. Plenty of SEO companies hire web designers and marketing professionals to create sites that sell and these sites are no reflection of the company’s capability.

  3. Don’t Be Afraid to Get Multiple Consultations

    There are so many companies out there, don’t be afraid to get multiple consultations. Depending on your needs and your company, one option may be much more suitable for your project. Just be sure not to pit companies against each other or even let them know that you are comparison shopping, this can result in inflated claims.

  4. Check References

    Whenever you are considering hiring a new company to work for you, always be sure to check their references. The unfortunate part of an online business is that anyone can make just about any claim they like. As the hiring company, it’s your job to thoroughly vet every company you are considering and that means asking for and checking references.

Looking For a Tampa SEO Company for Local SEO Optimization?

If you do find yourself looking through Tampa SEO companies for a company that can help you, I encourage you to pick up the phone and give me a call. I don’t always have availability but call me for a free consultation and I can let you know my availability and what I can do for your small business!

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