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How Terrible Social Media Management Skills Are Killing Your Brand

By October 16, 2017September 8th, 2022No Comments

Social media management is one of the most influential tools that any brand or business could have in their arsenal, unfortunately, its influence could go both ways. Where great social media management can lead to success, poor social media management skills can quickly result in the slow and painful death of your brand. Fortunately, an online presence manager can provide you with the management skills you need.

How Are Your Terrible Social Media Management Skills Killing Your Brand?

Before we look at how an online presence manager can help you with your social media presence, let’s take a look at how your terrible social media management skills are killing your brand.

Poor Response Time

Clients are increasingly turning to social media to voice concerns, ask questions, and reach out to companies about their brands. Unfortunately, not enough companies are representing themselves through social media and those that are aren’t responding in a timely manner. What does this mean? It means that potential clients are turning away from your brand because they feel slighted by poor response times.

Poor Employee Representation

Those companies that are representing themselves online often fall prey to the pitfalls of employees creating a poor image of their company online through personal social media profiles. So many stories have hit headlines recently of employees being terminated from companies because of personal statements that reflect poorly on their place of employment. While these employees can be terminated, the damage they have done to your brand has already taken place.

No Representation at All

Lastly, all too many companies simply don’t represent themselves on social media, this results in a number of problems. Firstly, it allows customer feedback and comments to go unnoticed and unanswered. Secondly, it allows competitors to use your company name and keywords to poach potential clients. Lastly, it means that you are not taking advantage of a huge audience of potential clients.

How Can an Online Presence Manager Help You?

All three of the problems with poor social media management listed above can be resolved with the help of a social media manager – one of the many services offered by an online presence manager. With someone to set up social media accounts, regularly monitor them for requests or feedback, and routinely update them, your social media presence becomes much more interactive and available. Why does this matter? Because customers want interactive and available!

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