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Reopening after COVID has been on our mind a lot lately as many of our clients are doing just this. Over the past few days we’ve talked quite a bit about how you can prepare for reopening, from health and safety to improving your business and keeping your head above water. Today, though, we want to talk about what may happen once you have opened your doors. Questions that you’re going to face and how they should be answered.

Reopening After COVID: 5 Questions You Will Have to Answer

Re-opening After COVID

1. Why Are You Open?

One of the most obvious questions that you may be asked – particularly if you are in the service industry (restaurants, bars, etc.) is “why are you open?” This may be followed by statistics or comments about your stupidity. So, what do you say to those people?

Firstly, don’t be confrontational. Hopefully, these people are trying to be health and safety conscious and not simply trying to pick a fight out of boredom. Secondly (and assuming that you are taking all necessary safety recommendations from the FDA and CDC, let them know that you are just as concerned about Coronavirus as they are which is why you are following FDA and CDC recommendations to the T. Make this person feel heard. Thirdly, if they continue to argue, let them know that you are a small business and the only solution available to you to support your family and contribute to the economy is to reopen your business. Once again, reiterate that you are following all safety procedures and thank them for their concern.

Remember – everyone is a little “wound up” after being in quarantine for so long, so it won’t be unusual to find people who are just looking for an argument as a way to relieve tension.

Reopening Restaurant After Covid

2. Why Do We Have to Social Distance in Your Restaurant?

Whether you own a restaurant or some other type of business, you may get argumentative consumers who believe that the threat of Coronavirus has passed and that social distancing is no longer necessary. There are also those who believe that Coronavirus has been a hoax the entire time. Lastly, there are those who believe that everyone is being far too cautious. They may justify a lack of social distancing by letting you know that they have been “hanging out” with the same people in their party for the last few weeks and that no one has been ill.

Again, you don’t want to appear confrontational. Let this person know that you are taking the necessary precautions recommended by the CDC and FDA and for their safety, the safety of others, your safety, the safety of your employees, and the reputation of your business, it’s important that everyone comply with these recommendations.

Tips Reopening After COIVD 19

3. Didn’t One Of Your Employees Get COVID?

If one of your employees did contract COVID, the chances are that your business was closed down, underwent a thorough deep clean, and anyone who came into contact with that employee was put into quarantine for a specified period of time. Let this customer know that you have followed this protocol as recommended by the FDA and CDC and that you are taking additional precautions to screen all employees and guests for signs or symptoms of illness. (If you are not doing this, you should be!) You may also want to let them know that you are following additional recommendations such as requiring all people entering your business to wear a mask at all times.

Note, if the individual asks about the employee who was ill, ALWAYS protect their privacy. Do NOT mention the employee’s name, even if the person insinuates that they know who this person was, and do not confirm their assumptions. Simply let them know that the individual is receiving the appropriate medical care and leave it at that. Better still, let them know that due to privacy issues, you are not permitted to discuss the health of your employees.

Restaurant Tips for Reopen After Covid

4. “It’s People Like You Who Caused the Spread of Coronavirus!”

This is less of a question and more of an accusation made to businesses that have begun to reopen following COVID closings. As with question number one, let this person know that you are taking all necessary precautions to ensure that everyone remains safe.

Answering this type of accusation can lead to a very indepth, long, and heated discusion, so it is best to keep your reply short and give them a simple answer that should addres their worries. You may be tempted to ask what that person is doing at your business if they are so concerned about Coronavirus, DON’T. This is only going to add fuel to the fire and cause this persons level of frustration and anger to skyrocket. Stay calm, answer simply, and move on politely.

Top COVID Reopening Tips

5. Do We Have to Wear Masks If We Are Social Distancing?

The answer should always be YES. So much about CORONAVIRUS is still unknown, but what we do know is that wearing a mask is one of the most efficient ways to stop or at least slow down the spread of the virus. Let this customer know that you understand what they are saying, but that yes, they are required to wear a mask. This policy is for the safety of everyone inside the business (including employees) and is in concordance with the current health and safety recommendations from the FDA and CDC.

Reopening After COVID: 5 Questions You Will Have to Answer

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