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Palm Harbor Chamber of Commerce Welcomes Online Presence Manager

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Online Presence Manager is happy to be recognized as a member of the Palm Harbor Chamber of Commerce! As a small business that offers services to small businesses, this is a great opportunity for me to connect with my local community. This is also a great chance to explain to you what your local chamber of commerce is and why you should become a member of yours.

Palm Harbor Chamber of Commerce Welcomes Online Presence Manager

What is a Chamber of Commerce?

The Greater Palm Harbor Area Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary organization that is made up of professionals and businesses that have come together to promote commercial and civic progress in the community.

Most communities have chambers of commerce and it’s important for any small business to become a member of their local group because of the role that the group plays in the local community.

A local chamber of commerce serves as a spokes-organization for the small business and other professional community in the area. The culmination of ideas and input from the members of this group are then put into action. The chamber of commerce also provides specific services that serve the community and partners of the organization.

Why is the Chamber of Commerce Important for Businesses Like Online Presence Manager?

As a small business, it’s important to take part in the local chamber of commerce not just to build a sense of community with other small business owners, but also to influence the business, income, and future growth of the area.

Being a member of the chamber of commerce is about knowing what is happening in your local community from a small business perspective.

There is a range of other benefits for small businesses in joining the local chamber of commerce organizations too, these include:

  • Projecting a positive image of your business in the community.
  • Increasing relationships with individuals, professionals, and businesses in the area.
  • A business that is active in the chamber of commerce is seen by consumers as being an active member of the community and offering more trusted and reliable service.
  • Being a member of the chamber of commerce also allows your business to have a voice in the local business community and local government.
  • As a member of the chamber of commerce, a business can more easily be given and give customer referrals to other local businesses.
  • Small businesses that are a member of the chamber of commerce are also invited to local chamber events, receive regular updates from the chamber of commerce, and they also receive exclusive discounts and services that are only available to chamber members.

Are You a Member of Your Local Chamber of Commerce?

Are you a member of your local chamber of commerce like Online Presence Manager is? If not, take this as a cue to become one this week. Get your voice heard and create a recognizable and reliable presence for your business in your local community. Not sure how to go about joining your local chamber of commerce? Check out your city government website and you’ll find everything you need to know!


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