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When shopping new business SEO companies, it’s important to know what SEO services your new business needs so that you can make the most of your limited budget without overspending. So, what services does your new business need?

New Business SEO Companies: SEO Services Your New Business Needs

Not all SEO companies are experienced with new business SEO needs. As a new business, you have a different set of priorities in mind when it comes to growth and you also have a more limited budget to work with in most cases. At OPM, we are familiar with small and medium-sized businesses and we know the unique struggles that can come with starting up a new one! That’s why we specialize in affordable SEO packages designed with you in mind. But today we want to talk a  little bit about the services that you should consider. These are services that most SEO companies can provide, but they are also services that often get bundles with all of the other stuff you don’t need so that your price gets inflated. So what DO you need?

Website Design

If you haven’t already had a professional web designer design your company website, now is the time to do it – before your marketing campaigns get underway. The last thing you want is for your site to go down due to “maintenance” or for your site not to be properly functional before you start promoting it!

A skilled SEO designer can take your current website or your inspiration for a website and create a final website that not only suits your business, but that is also optimized for search engines.


Not all companies have copywriters on staff and not all SEO companies offer copywriting services, but if you have the opportunity to invest in a copywriter, consider it. By having a copywriter create the text for your website, you are making use of their experience to create text that appeals to your audience while also creating lots of little footprints for search engines to use to “bookmark” your site – or feature your site in search results!

If your budget is extremely tight, copywriting is expendable, but if you can stretch your budget, this is a good place to do it because text that sells….sells.

Social Media Profiles

Again, not all SEO companies offer social media services, but at Online Presence Manager, we are able to manage your online presence across a variety of platforms including social media.

A considerable portion of web traffic and business-consumer interaction these days occurs on various social media channels, so it’s imperative that your company has a presence on all major social media networks. But it’s not just enough to have those social media networks setup, they need to be optimized, to have an audience, and to be maintained and generally kept active. This is something that you can consider doing for yourself, but it can be quite time consuming which is one big reason why you should hand off the job to a professional if your budget allows.

Web Review Monitoring

You may not be aware of just how important review websites are to your online reputation. Many companies don’t even have their website listed in directories where they can receive reviews from customers, but those that are listed often forget to check in on reviews and reply to them. This can cause a big problem when it comes to your web presence because uncontrolled reviews can wind up ruining your reputation!

All it takes is one disgruntled customer or one unhappy competitor to leave a negative review or make a statement about your business on one of these platforms, and your customers can begin losing faith in your business.

Having an SEO company on hand that can both submit your company to these directories and monitor reviews is invaluable. With a watchful eye, your review monitor can track new reviews, give thanks to reviewers for positive reviews, and respond diplomatically when there are issues that arise. This allows you to keep much better control of how your company is viewed online.

While come companies do try to monitor their own reviews, this tends to be a very bad idea because as someone with an emotional attachment to the business, replies to criticism and negative reviews very seldom turns out to be diplomatic and when everything is said and done, the emotional business owner does much more damage to their company’s reputation than the original criticism!

Dynamic Content

Another area where an SEO specialist is beneficial for a new business is in the creation of new content. New content includes things like blog articles for your website blog or social media networks. These articles help to add more search results to search engines, but they also keep your website visitors engaged.

Think of it this way – if you went to a website and they never had any new content, would you continue to visit that website? It’s unlikely! With the addition of regular and relevant content to your website, however, you keep your website visitors interested in your website, your brand, your products, and your name. Regular updates also let search engines know that your website is being actively updated and is of use to web searchers rather than an outdated website that offers no new content.

It is possible to write your own dynamic content if your budget is tight, but again, this is the perfect opportunity to tie in search engine optimization to your website and plant more links out there in search engine results so that you can improve upon your current website traffic!

Shopping For New Business SEO Companies?

Are you looking for new business SEO companies to help to build the online presence of your new company? If So, Online Presence Manager can help. To find out more about how we can help your company, call 727-475-6460 for a free consultation today.

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