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In the coming weeks, Florida businesses reopening are going to cause an influx of customers…but only if those customers know that your business is open. So, how does a small business owner go about letting customers know that they are once again open for business?

Florida Businesses Reopening: 5 Ways To Announce Your Reopening

Florida businesses reopening1. Google My Business

Google My Business is a resource that we talk quite a lot about here on the Online Presence Manager blog. It’s a valuable tool that can work wonders in growing your social media following and in delivering messages to existing and previous clientele.

When it comes to publicity and marketing, free is one of the best words a small business owner can hear. For this reason, we always advocate using GMB as a means to communicate with customers and potential customers about your latest products and your latest events.

2. Your Website

Another great – and free – way to advertise to customers and future customers that you are open for business is your own website.

During the initial COVID-19 declaration, many of our small business clients contacted us for advice on how to communicate the changes they were making to clients to reassure them that their items and service are being managed properly and mindfully. One of the ways that we helped our clients to do this is by creating a news alert on their websites. These alerts did not popup (popups are annoying for everyone!), but they stood out and featured in a prominent position so that they couldn’t be missed. We have no doubt that many of our clients will be requesting a similar method of announcing their return to business.

Utilizing your website to announce reopening for business is one of the easiest ways to reach out to clients without aggressively pursuing contact.

3. Social Media Channels

At Online Presence Manager we manage all types of social media networks. We know first hand that one of the biggest benefits of having an active social network profile for each social network platform is the ability to reach a wide audience of customers (existing and future). Using your social media channels, you can quickly and easily let your followers know that you are open for business once again. With the proper use of hashtags and keywords, you can also let new potential customers know that you are open for business too! That way, even if their usual store isn’t open yet, they can find the products they are looking for through your social network posts!

Just remember, though, some social networks have a character limit, so it’s important to be as concise but informative as possible when using these platforms.

4. Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is a method of marketing that is often overlooked in this digital age. What many people don’t tell you, though, is that it is one of the best methods out there to get business!

There are many ways that you can use word of mouth to let your clients and customers know that you are open for business.

  • You can call existing clients to let them know and remind them to remind their friends too!
  • You can mention your reopening if you run into an existing or previous customer or client and, again, ask them to “spread the word”.
  • You can request that your social media followers or website visitors spread the word to their friends about the reopening.

One of the biggest benefits of word of mouth is that very often it’s not you – the business owner- who is trying to “sell” your business. This is important because where you come across as trying to profit from a recommendation, having someone else make that recommendation for you instead, comes across as a friendly referral or a passing comment.

5. E-mail

Lastly, e-mail is one of your best friends as a small business owner. This is why on almost every business website out there you will see a “newsletter” or “sign up for our e-mail notifications” box. When customers or potential customers provide you with their information and indicate that you are free to use that information to contact them, it is the perfect opportunity to keep those customers informed. What better time to keep them informed than this?

We recommend putting together a professionally presented newsletter that you can email to everyone who consented to receive your e-mail newsletters. The more professional that e-mail looks, the better the response is going to be to it.

Just remember, you’re not looking to “hard sell” your business! Instead, use this newsletter as a means to inform clients that you are open for business again and, if you are running any discounts or specials for the occasion, be sure to mention those too!

Is Your Florida Businesses Reopening?

If your Florida business is reopening in the coming weeks, why not take advantage of our free consultation to find out how OPM can help you to get the word out? Just pick up the phone and give us a call at 727-475-6460 and let’s get your business out there again!

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