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How to Create Google Business Page

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Wondering how to create Google business page for your small business? Then you’re in luck because that’s exactly what I’m going to be talking about today! But first, why should you want to set up a Google business page?

A Google business page has many benefits for your business including improved search position, immediate access to Google reviews, the ability to add virtual tours to your Google business page, and a new way to gain followers and push your content!

So, just how do you go about setting up your Google business page? Let’s take a look…

Create Google Business Page For Your Business

Step 1: Set Up Your Google Gmail Account

To set up a Google business page for your business, you need to have a Gmail account. You want to make sure that the Gmail account you use to set up your Google business page is a business Gmail account and not your personal email account. This will ensure that your account remain professional in appearance.

Step 2: Use Your Gmail Account to Set Up Your Google Account

Now that you have your Gmail account setup, you want to use that account to start setting up your Google business page. Start by visiting this URL. Once you get to this page, you should see an option to “create Google business page”. Select this option.

Step 3: Choose Your Classification

Once you choose to create your Google business page, you want to follow the Google page wizard.

The first step in this wizard will ask you to choose a classification for your business. Your options here include:

  • Local Business or Place
  • Product or Brand
  • Company, Institution or Organization
  • Arts, Entertainment or Sports
  • Other

Just as you have likely done for your business Facebook page already, choose the classification that best fits your business.

Step 4: Fill in Your Business Information

Once you have selected your business classification, you need to fill in your basic business information. This includes your business name, website URL, business niche, and the classification of your page content.

Step 5: Customize Your Business Profile

After filling in your basic business information, you want to customize your business profile. This includes selecting your profile picture and your business tagline. Make sure to select a business-like photo (most people select their company logo) and select a tagline that concisely summarizes your business.

Step 6: Page Promotion

Once you fill in your basic profile information, Google will now ask you to begin promoting your page. You will be given the option to skip this step for the time being. I recommend that you skip this step for now until you have filled in some content on your Google business page because you’re not going to attract much business or many followers without anything to offer!

Step 7: Add Content to Your Google Page

As I mentioned in the previous step, before you can start promoting your page, you need to have content on your page that will intrigue and engage potential customers. Make sure that the content you create for your Google business page is unique content that can’t be found elsewhere.

One of the best ways to create content for your Google page is to think about information that people will be searching for in relation to your business. For example, if you sell flowers, you might create an article addressing the different state flowers.

Create at least five good articles or posts on your page to provide some content for your readers.

Step 8: Promote Your Content

Now that you have enough content to fill out your Google business page a little bit, you want to start promoting that content.

Since Google is a social network, you now want to begin engaging with others who have similar interests to you. Share their content, comment on their content, use hashtags in your own content to inform readers of content they may find interesting, follow and take part in trending topics, and create Google Circles to group individuals with common interests.

Growing your Google Business page will take a little time, but the best way to go about it is to provide interesting and unique content while also supporting the content of other Google users.

Oh, and don’t forget to create your own Google badge and promote it on your business website and you can share your new page via other social media channels too!

Need Someone to Help Set Up Your Google Business Page For You?

If you need someone to help you to set up your Google business page all you have to do is pick up the phone! Give me a call at 727-475-6460 and claim your free consultation to see how I can help you set up your Google business page in no time at all!

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