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11 Reasons Why I’m the Best Online Presence Manager for Your Business

By April 23, 2018September 7th, 2022No Comments

It’s possible for just anyone to claim to be the best online presence manager, so how do you distinguish the quality professionals from those guys who have read a book and claim to be an expert? Well, there are a number of things you can look for, but let me share with you some of the reasons why I’m the best online presence manager for your business.

11 Reasons Why I’m the Best Online Presence Manager For Your Business

1. Experience

I have always had a love for entrepreneurship and have owned and operated five businesses successfully over the past 20-years! Each of my businesses has provided me with a unique insight not only into entrepreneurship but also into the absence of services specifically targeted towards the entrepreneur BY the entrepreneur.

Owning your own business is tough, I know. Over the past two decades, I have run an exotic limousine business, a number of affiliate marketing programs, and Florida’s largest privately-owned salon company! What was tougher than running any one of those businesses, though, was running my own business with online resources designed for large corporations.

That’s exactly why I decided to create the services I needed myself and offer them to other small business owners!

2. Passion

With 20-years of experience in small business, it’s pretty obvious that I have a passion for the entrepreneur life and over the years that passion has only grown. When I work for you as your online presence manager I put that passion to work as if your company was my own. Why? Because the success of your business online reflects my own success!

Part of what makes me the best online presence manager is that through my passion I am dedicated to getting your business ranked in search engines to increase your traffic and create a true online presence. That isn’t all though, I want to build your brand into something that you can be proud of because entrepreneurs support entrepreneurs in their success.

3. Value

Okay, I know that one of the things that REALLY matters to you when hiring someone to manage your online presence is money. With so many online presence management companies out there offering overpriced services aimed at major corporations, small business owners get left out in the cold. There is no way that a small business owner could stretch their budget to cover the same costs that corporate America can cover! That’s why I price all of my services to cater to my small business clients and entrepreneurs who are working on a shoestring budget. Does that mean that my service is lesser quality? Not at all, it simply means that I understand the restraints of small business ownership.

4. Personal Attention

Far too many companies outsource services through management agencies or firms and that takes away any personal contact you may have with your online presence manager. As someone with plenty of experience with small business ownership, I know that the foundation of success is personal attention. That’s why I manage all of my clients myself and provide one-on-one contact solutions that mean that you can find me when you need me!

5. If I Can’t Build, Increase, or, Help… I’ll Pass

We all know those companies that take on accounts before they know what they’re truly getting into. Those same companies then wind up nickel and diming you to death while they do a sub-par job of servicing your account. That is NOT what I’m about.

Because I am so passionate about what I do, I refuse to take on any clients that I cannot help in one way or another. I know that taking on clients I cannot help would extinguish my passion for what I do.

6. Dedication

Dedication to the success of your online presence is what makes me truly the best online presence manager for your small business. As an entrepreneur myself I know that without dedication every small business out there would fail and with the ownership of five small businesses under my belt, I have dedication in spades!

7. Exclusive

One thing that has always puzzled me about other companies that offer online presence management services is that they often accept competing companies in their portfolio. To me, this is simply ridiculous because it means that I am working against myself in promoting your business so in the long-run we all lose! I never take on competing businesses when I am working for you because our success depends on it.

8. Satisfaction

As the best online presence manager for your small business, your satisfaction is my top priority. If you’re not satisfied with my services I know that I stand the chance of losing a valuable client, so if you’re not satisfied, neither am I!

9. Success

My work with my previous clients speaks for itself. All of my current clients rank on the first page of Google for their top keywords and phrases with the exception of one (don’t worry, they’re a new client, so we’re still working on it!).

10. White-Hat Techniques

Unlike some unscrupulous companies out there, I don’t take your money and use black-hat techniques to get results. When promoting your business and brand online I always use white-hat techniques that won’t get you blacklisted or flagged by search engines because this would mean the end of my reputation and your online presence!

11. Practice What I Preach

I always use the same tactics on my own businesses as I utilize with my clients. Why? Because they work! I buy my own PPC ads on Google, I’ve always used Facebook advertising, and I focus on providing fresh and unique search engine optimized content to my blog and social media profiles. As your brand presence manager, I will do the same for you!

If my tactics didn’t work, you wouldn’t be reading this right now!

Interested in Hiring the Best Online Presence Manager For Your Business?

If you are interested in hiring the best online presence manager for your business, pick up the phone and give me a call! Dial 727-475-6460 and claim your free consultation today to see how I can help to grow your business online!

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