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Online Reputation Management for Physicians

By August 6, 2018September 8th, 2022No Comments

Online reputation management for physicians is something that few doctors give thought to, yet it’s a crucial aspect of managing reputational risk. Why are so few doctors managing their online reputation? Simply because they have their hands full and for some, the idea of reputation management is limited to relationship management.

Online Reputation Management for Physicians

Many doctors are used to managing their reputation through good bedside manner and customer service. While word of mouth is still a powerful tool in growing business through referrals, the forum for that word of mouth has become endless with the rise of the digital age.

As more and more clients take to the internet to share their good and bad experiences with their physician, their influence is exponentially greater. So how does a physician find the time to manage their digital presence in addition to providing all of the services they previously were? This is of particular importance when we consider that those patients who have had a negative experience are far more likely to report that experience to their peers than those who have a positive experience. This is where online reputation management for physicians professionals step onto the scene.

All it takes is one negative review, comment, or piece of feedback to make it to the first page of the SERP for a physicians reputation to go down the toilet. But how can a professional online reputation management for physicians contractor help?

As a physician, the first thing that you need to do before even beginning your search for a professional to help you is to assess your current online standing. How do patients currently view your practice according to online feedback, reviews, and commentary? How often do your patients refer others to your business online? Are you currently meeting the expectations of your patients according to their online feedback?

Answering these questions will give you a good impression of how others perceive your business online. The job of your online reputation management for physicians contractor is to manage that perception.

The Importance of Search Engine Ranking

There is no doubt that medical treatment is a necessity, but with so many physicians available locally, doctors with a poor online reputation soon notice a drop in business. It is the job of an ORM for physicians to step in and create a positive online reputation by managing others’ perception of your business.

But what develops that perception?

When it comes to SERP, the first three results for your business are what lead potential patients to develop an opinion about your clinic. If one of these first three results is a negative review, then your potential patient is likely to lose interest very quickly.

Now, the first three results for your business are rather firmly set and will see little oscillation over time. The results that come after those first three, however, are much more likely to shift quite regularly. The information in these “middle” search engine rankings is less likely to be viewed by potential clients simply because they a) don’t scroll down on their mobile device, and b) have the information they desire from the first three results for your business. That isn’t to say that potential clients won’t look at these links, but that these links carry less weight than your first three search engine results.

What about the rest of your search engine results? These are the results that are even less important to your potential patients simply because they are not as likely to view these results as they are to view those in the top 2/3 of the page.

What are Your Ranking and Reputation?

Simply typing combinations of your name, your business name, and relevant keywords in various search engines will give you an idea of what your online reputation says about you and your practice,

Take note of the results that pull up in reference to your name or business. What do those top three results say about you? What about the first eight search results? (this is the average number of results you have to capture the attention of your potential clients.) Are there any bad reviews, negative feedback, or dramatized headlines?

How an Online Presence Manager for Physicians Can Help You

If the short exercise above found negative material how can an online presence manager for physicians help? Well, the first step towards “fixing” your reputation is actually on you.

Take a moment to reflect on your business. Are the reviews true? Do they highlight problems that do exist and can be remedied by evaluating your business and making a few changes? Be honest with yourself.

While you evaluate the current method of practice at your clinic, your ORM will also be hard at work. Replying to reviews and feedback on your business is one of the first ways to make a difference in how your business is perceived by others. Replying professionally to feedback and opening discussion while apologizing when needed, doesn’t just let the author of negative reviews know that you are sorry for their experience and are working to change things, but it also lets people reading that review know that you are not satisfied with dissatisfied clients. You are telling your audience that you care about your business and the patient experience.

Your OPM will also work to build a presence online for your business using a wide variety of synonyms and relevant terms. This will build a stronger online presence and contribute to a reputation that is more heavily weighted on the positive side!

An online reputation management for physicians professional will also work tirelessly to maintain your online presence. This is done through regular content production, optimization, and curation and it ensures that your presence is constantly being built up online.

With a good ORM for physicians on your side, you will also be able to build a strong social network presence and increase your online interaction with clients through their voice. Doing this will encourage positive exchanges and allows clients and potential clients to see that you are dedicated to your field and to actively participating in your online presence.

Ready to Hire Someone For Online Reputation Management for Physicians?

If you’re ready to pull a professional in to help you to manage your online reputation as a physician, I can help. Give me a call for a free consultation today to see how I can help you to get your online reputation back on track!

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