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8 Terrible Things That Can Happen to Your Business if You Don’t Manage Online Presence

By December 28, 2017May 15th, 2021No Comments

There are a number of things that can go terribly wrong for your business if you don’t manage online presence. Today I want to touch briefly on eight of those things and why they matter.

8 Things That Can Impact Your Business if You Don’t Manage Online Presence

1. One unhappy customer will drive away other potential customers with their negative review. This will impact your bottom line and the way your business is viewed by the public.

2. You are seen as a corporate entity rather than a small business with a face. This makes your business less appealing and more concerned with the bottom line than customers.

3. You won’t make an online impact in an age where digital presence is everything. This allows your competitors an edge that they shouldn’t have over you.

4. Your marketing budget doesn’t have a big enough impact because you aren’t taking advantage of free and affordable online marketing. This means you are paying the same amount as other businesses for less advertising space and exposure.

5. Failure to manage online presence also means that your company misses out on many potential big breaks simply by not being present. Looking for celebrity endorsements, feature placement, or media attention? It’s just not going to happen without the big wide digital world!

6. Managing your online presence allows you to present products and ideas to consumers without holding stifling consumer panels and surveys. When you don’t use free online customer research you aren’t just out of pocket for panels and surveys, but you’re also really limiting your company’s exposure.

7. Your sales will be much lower than your competitors when you fail to manage your online presence. When you have a poorly designed website or no website at all you miss out on a huge percentage of possible sales and send those sales running to your competitors who make ordering from the comfort of home easy.

8. Your future products will flop. Without regular and up to date feedback and one on one engagement with potential clients, your products are unlikely to meet the ever-changing demands of their audience. This means lost sales and lost money on an investment in products that just don’t sell.

Need a Hand?

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