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How Can an Article Marketing Company Help Your Small Business?

By January 18, 2018February 27th, 2018No Comments

Today I want to talk to you a little bit about how an article marketing company can help your small business.

We’ve all heard the old adage – “content is king”, but just how much power your king has depends on the size of his kingdom. Sure, you’re writing articles and sharing them on your blog or maybe you’re paying someone else to write articles for you, but just how many people are reading them? Is your audience limited to those living in your castle? Perhaps you use social media networks like a town crier…but then his voice can only carry so far…

The point is, that you need messengers. You need knights on their valiant steeds to carry your message far and wide and spread your influence beyond the limited scope of your castle grounds and expanding your kingdom.

Enter Your Knights AKA Your Article Marketing Company

You could endeavor to market your own articles but let’s be honest, from your throne in the safety of your kingdom, you have little experience in such things.

You need someone with experience, someone with the right tools for the job…someone who knows what they’re doing. Someone familiar with the best audience for your message

This is where your article marketing company comes in.

Not only can your article marketing company spread the word and expand your kingdom, but they also take the burden of doing this off your shoulders. As the king, you can now spend more time ruling your castle (or your small business), you can focus on what you do best. In the meantime, however, your knights are out there increasing your reach, growing your influence, and ultimately increasing your income (hey, a King collects his taxes doesn’t he?).

So Where Do You Recruit Your Knights?

You need to employ experience. You need a team who are willing to put the hard work in because that’s their job. So…where do you begin to find this team?

You recruit the professionals. Sure, you could outfit a few of your townspeople in armor, slap them on a horse and send them on their merry way…but just how far are they going to get and how well are they going to represent you?

Forget hiring the amateur “I could probably help you with that” team. Instead, reach out to a company professional like myself. With decades of experience under my belt, I have my horse at the ready, I have my sword in hand, and I know exactly where I’m headed.

So why not give me a call for a free consultation today? It costs you absolutely nothing and lets you know precisely how I can help to spread the word and grow your influence.

You can reach me today at 727-475-6460

OPM John

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I've been digital marketing since the Commodore 64. I specialize in providing fully managed digital marketing and local SEO services for businesses. When I'm not managing a SMB presence, I post reputation, SEO, and social media management tips for business owners.

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