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SEO for Restaurant

Our SEO for restaurants service is structured to target and advance the search engine wellness of your restaurant. We do this through an armory of SEO tools and by staying up to date on the latest SEO developments. This enables us to keep your restaurant on the radar of your local market as well as give you a global presence.

The first step in advancing your restaurant’s position on search engines is to evaluate your current ranking. We then compare that ranking to other local restaurants. By establishing where you rank amongst the local competition, we can then use our customized niche-specific keyword strategy to build upon your restaurant’s Google rankings. It’s not only an improvement in traditional Google rankings that you’ll see, either, you will also notice improved standing with Bing, Yahoo!, Google Maps, and Google Mobile too!

Our Current SEO for Restaurants Services

By pairing our unique approach to keyword research with the development of an integrated website design, we are then able to put content, research, technical SEO for restaurants, and sustained strategic updates to work for you.

Critical SEO Issues Resolution

Even though every SEO company claims to monitor your website for SEO issues or “crawl issues”, here at OPM, we like to be a little more proactive. We don’t just review your SEO reports and leave it at that, Instead, we address any critical crawl issues as soon as we notice them crop up. This immediate action allows us to keep your website healthy as well as maintain a premium position on search engines.

You see, we don’t just want to search engine optimize your WordPress website, but also want to keep it running at peak performance!

On Page SEO

Our next step in the SEO for restaurants process is to make any necessary on-page improvements to your site that will aid in boosting your search engine results.

We understand how important it is to achieve the best search engine rankings possible for your restaurant’s reputation and flow of business. This is why we monitor your website, keywords and any upcoming changes in search engine algorithms and respond to those changes as they take place!

This constant monitoring and ongoing adjustment process to accommodate new search engine trends, your restaurant will see a boost in no time at all.

Off Page SEO

Off page SEO is another influencing factor in your website’s search engine rank and the organic traffic flow to your website. At Online Presence Manager we utilize the latest SEO tactics to curate your off page SEO and because we know how important of a factor this is, all of our SEO service packages include this service!

When you contract OPM for our SEO for restaurants services, we don’t only assess your search engine rank and website health, we also analyze and optimize your social media accounts so that they can be leveraged to further improve your SE rankings.

SEO Reporting

Many SEO for restaurants services brag about their search engine ranking results, but here at OPM, we know that you have to back up those claims with solid data and that’s why we always provide our clients with thorough and detailed SEO reporting.

Our SEO for restaurants specialists are devoted to achieving top Google rankings for each of our clients which is why we have invested so much into developing our SEO and reporting tools. It’s important to us that you know that you are getting the best SEO performance reports for your business’s progress.

Citation Monitoring & Management

Citations are important to any business’s online presence, particularly one with a brick and mortar presence. That’s why our team takes the time to submit your restaurant’s listing to major local search engines, review sites, and directories AND we monitor those listings for changes that may influence your search engine popularity. This process makes sure that your restaurant is included in the listings and directories that are important within the restaurant community as well as in your local area.