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Business bartering – or business-to-business trade – played a significant role in business growth throughout history. Although less frequently implemented, bartering continues to facilitate similar growth today by allowing smaller businesses to limit financial expenditure while still expanding their service range.

At Online Presence Manager, we encourage the use of a bartering marketplace to promote small business growth without the constraints of financial limitations. We ourselves engage in bartering throughout the state of Florida, and more specifically the Ft. Lauderdale, Tampa Bay, Orlando, and Miami areas.

Florida Barter and Business Trade

Florida Business Barter Information for Online Presence Manager

My location: Tampa, Florida

Florida Business Bartering

  • Automotive services
  • Business services
  • Concerts & Events
  • Travel (International & National)
  • Home cleaning services
  • Home repair services
  • Home Maintenance
  • Office products
  • Restaurants
  • Sporting Events
  • and more!

How Does Business Bartering Work?

Business bartering is as simple as reaching out to a business owner and suggesting a business barter agreement that is mutually beneficial.

How Do I Exchange Products or Services Through a Bartering System?

Exchanging products through a bartering system begins with reaching out to a business that offers a product or service that you are in need of and suggesting a mutually beneficial trade. If an agreement is made, that agreement becomes a binding contract by which each business owner agrees to fulfil their obligation.

Any number of products and services can be beneficial in the bartering space, so never be afraid to propose a fair business to business trade.

Let’s look at a few examples…

Example: Jack owns a roofing company and would like a new search engine optimized website design so that his roofing business can be found on Google.

My SEO company retail location is currently in need of a roof repair – a service offered by Jack’s roofing company. So it would be a mutually beneficial bartering agreement for Jack and I to trade services.

Example 2: Kathie owns a bed and breakfast and would like someone to manage her website, social media pages, and improve her search engine rankings.

If the bed and breakfast is close in proximity to my location or if  I frequently travel to the area on business, we may be able to come to a trade agreement.

Example 3: Marvin, a local electrician, would like online marketing for his new business.

My SEO retail location is scheduled for some renovation and I need new lighting fixtures installed. This is the perfect opportunity to barter!


It’s that easy!

Do I Have to Barter For My Business?

The terms of a bartering agreement depend on the two parties involved. For example, at Online Presence Manager, we are open to considering all types of bartering options. For example, I may have recently broken a crown and need dental work. If a local dental clinic is in need of SEO services, it would be beneficial for me to barter with that clinic.

In this example, dental service is of personal benefit to me rather than direct benefit to my company.

Not all businesses are as flexible with their bartering agreements, however, and they may request only services or products of direct benefit to their business in exchange for their product or services.

The way we see it here at Online Presence Manager is that you never know until you ask! So if you have a bartering agreement in mind, don’t hesitate to reach out!

About the Services Online Presence Manager Offers in Florida Barter Trades

The following barter services offered by Online Presence Manager can be customized to meet the needs of most business and industry niches.


Services Offered

  • Online Presence Management – Starting @ $795
  • Google My Business Management – $295
  • Website Design – 3 packages/Starting @ $795

My Barter Wish List

At Online Presence Manager, we are open to trading SEO, web presence management, and web design services for a wide range of products and services. With that said, we are particularly interested in bartering with the following businesses:

Our Current Business Barter Trade Areas of Interest Include:

  • Business Software Solutions
  • Software Subscription Services
  • Electronic Hardware
  • Accounting Services
  • Dental Services
  • Florida Accommodations
  • Florida Experiences
  • Florida Dining
  • Tampa Area Beach Rentals
  • Tampa Area Beach Adventures
  • Tampa Area Boat Charter
  • Tampa Area E-Bike Rentals/Sales
  • Tampa Area Pest Control
  • Tampa Area E-Scooter Rental/Sales
  • Tampa Area Golf Cart Rentals/Sales
  • Tampa Area Landscaping Contractors
  • Tampa Area Landscape Lighting Installation
  • Tampa Area Roofing Repair
  • Tampa Area Paver Installation
  • Tampa Area Paver Sealing
  • Tampa Area Paddleboard Rentals/Sales
  • Tampa Area Kayak Rentals/Sales
Give Us a Call!

If you are interested in Florida business barter trading, click the call button below to give me a ring so that we can discuss a possible barter trade!