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Content Management

A content management service involves the collection, management, scheduling, and publishing of information for your business, brand, and products. It is a service that can not only save your company time and money, but it can also play a significant role in the success of your online presence.

What is Content?

In the context of online content management, content can refer to articles, website or product copy, press releases, blog posts, social media posts, and digital media.

All of these types of content serve to inform potential clients about your products and services, create buzz and hype for your brand, and market your products or services.

Content Management

What Does Content Management Mean?

A content manager’s responsibilities can vary depending on what you need.
Some business owners prefer to write their own content but have a content manager schedule, publish, or network that content.

Some business owners prefer to leave the collection, management, scheduling, and publishing of content to their content manager.

It is up to you to decide what you want your content management team to do for you, but the more you are able to hand off to them, the more time you will have on your hands for the more executive responsibilities.

What Does a Content Manager Do?

Again, what your content manager does for you depends on what you desire from them, but some of the services that a content manager provides include:

  • Discovery or creation of content
  • Editing content
  • Organization of content
  • Scheduling of content
  • Archiving content
  • Content keyword research
  • Sharing and networking of content
  • Posting of content to relevant forums and communities
  • Management of commenting and feedback on content
  • Analysis of content performance
  • Optimization of content for mobile access
  • Update and management of content management systems
Content Management Do

How Does Content Management Help Your Small Business?

Content management through a content manager helps your business in countless ways.

Regular Content Updates
Regular Content Updates

When you provide regular content updates on your website and via other content networks you are encouraging search engines to return regularly to your website. This is beneficial to your search engine ranking.

Regular content updates also keep potential and existing customers coming back to your site preventing your brand from falling out of the spotlight.

Regular content updates are also helpful in establishing your authority in your industry which is again looked on with favor by search engines. Establishing authority also increases your prominence in your industry and improves the likelihood that others will link back to your website.

Increased Confidence in Your Brand
Increased Confidence in Your Brand

As a company your success is partly dependent on the confidence of your clients in your brand.

To increase confidence in your brand you need to present a knowledgeable front, take time to regularly “show up” and show clients that you are active in your business, and interact on a personal level with your customer base.

All of these things can result from the activity of a good content management service and the more confident customers are in your brand the faster your business will grow.

Unique Content
Unique Content

A content management service is the perfect way to obtain unique content without the investment of time that creating such content demands. Each time that you add new and unique content, you once again increase your authority in your niche and become a more trusted source of information. As an industry authority you will find that your brand is regularly ranked above your competition.

Regular Client Interaction
Regular Client Interaction

As a small business you want to interact with your clients regularly not only to remind them “hey, here we are!”, but also to remind them that there is a personality behind your business, you aren’t just a big corporation. The more that you are able to interact with your clients through regular content sharing and social media management, the more you will be at the forefront of potential client’s minds.

Increased Audience
Increased Audience

Of course, one of the biggest benefits of hiring a content management service is the increased audience that your business will gain. A combination of providing informative content, sharing that content regularly, and engaging with your potential customer base will drive more traffic to your website from a much more diverse population than you may otherwise make contact with.

Growth of Social Media Networks
Growth of Social Media Networks

When a content management service creates and publishes content that promotes your brand, your social media networks will see growth. Not only will people follow your social media accounts when you post content to those accounts, but they will also discover and follow your accounts when others share that content.

Improved Sales
Improved Sales

When you share regular optimized unique content, interact with potential clients, grow your audience and social networks, and increase confidence in your brand your clients and potential clients are less likely to forget you exist and more likely to purchase your brand. Improved sales are, of course, a huge benefit for the growth of your company!

Optimization of Content
Optimization of Content

As your content manager creates content for your brand, they optimize that content to attract clients as well as search engines. As your content touches on more key terms, you will experience increased traffic to your website from search results. This will also help you to save costs on marketing since you are gaining search engine rankings without purchasing AdWords.

Why Hire a Content Management Service?

In addition to the benefits noted above, hiring a content management service will:

  • Save you time as a business owner because you no longer have to curate content.
  • Save you money as you get the added bonus of increased exposure without an increase in marketing budget.
  • Improve the quality of your content due to the experience of your content manager.
  • Improve the response to your content by utilizing professional content research and publishing tools.

Could Your Business Benefit From a Content Management Professional?

If you are convinced that a content management professional could help to grow your business and take some of the more menial tasks off your plate consider one of our content management packages.